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“Haha, it seems that your Hidden Edge Sect has extraordinary strength, and your Sword Dao inheritance is also extraordinary. There’s actually a Sword Dao expert who can kill the Saint-level Lu Changming with just one Qi Sword?”

Shi Jian also stood up. “Our Myriad Swords Gate is also home to a sacred land of Sword Dao. Although we despise the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect’s Sword Dao, we are very clear about the power of their sword techniques.”

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Sect Leader Ding’s face also darkened.

“It’s fine if you don’t believe it. In any case, we can’t take out that light sword right now. We can also be sure that it’s definitely not the one you’re talking about. Everyone, please leave!”

Chang Jian never thought that Sect Leader Ding would actually dare to speak about their sacred land in such a manner.

Could it be that after they killed Lu Changming, they felt like they did not have to look at the sacred land?

As his name suggested, Shi Jian’s personality was relatively calm. Seeing that the situation was gradually becoming tense, he proposed a method.

“Since that’s the case, how about the Hidden Edge Sect sends out disciples to spar with the disciples of our Myriad Swords Gate? Let us see the sword cultivation of the Hidden Edge Sect’s disciples.”

Chang Jian also felt that this method could suppress the Hidden Edge Sect’s arrogance. “It’s just sword cultivation, not other cultivation levels. You can send out your disciples of sword cultivation to spar with the disciples behind me.

“Take your pick.”

Another sparring session! Sect Leader Ding was helpless.

These people from the sacred land were all made of the same mold. They thought that they were right, but they were aggressive when they had a certain intent in their hearts.

Once they did not agree to their wishes, they would not listen to reason.

Moreover, they all liked to start with a competition between the disciples.

Unfortunately, it had not been the people from the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect who had visited the last time, so the elders and leaders would have to fight a few rounds later.

Sect Leader Ding was too lazy to play such tricks and was about to reject them.

However, the disciples of the Myriad Swords Gate were eager to try.

Among them, a young man in white walked forward. He pointed one finger at Li Shiyi, who was standing at the side and trying his best not to make his presence felt.

“Li Shiyi! As a former student of the Heavenly Dao Academy, you have returned from the central region and joined the Hidden Edge Sect. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Why don’t we have a fight?”

As a powerful academy in the Central Region, the Heavenly Dao Academy had close ties with all the major forces.

Many of the sects’ disciples would go to the Heavenly Dao Academy for training when they were young.

Hence, many disciples of the Myriad Swords Gate recognized Li Shiyi, who had sho

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