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Li Shiyi looked at the sect leader in surprise.

When he had entered the sect and received Ye Changge’s education, he had learned the sect’s purpose under his master’s tireless guidance.

He had thought that the sect would not cause trouble and would be accommodating. He had not expected the sect leader to change his attitude and be so unyielding.

He thought that it was because the other party had made the first move.

Indeed, the sect’s motto was to hide their trump cards and not be the first to cause trouble. It was not to allow others to bully them or take a step back.

While laughing out loud, Li Shiyi stepped forward and looked disdainfully at the members of the Myriad Swords Gate.

“There’s no need to spar. You guys are too weak. Sparring is meaningless. Since we have already fallen out, useless people should stop making noise. Let’s go!”

After saying this, he pulled out his frost sword and raised the tip of it. White sword qi quickly spread out from the body of the sword and densely rippled out in front of him.


With a wave of his hand, this sword sea slashed towards the people of the Myriad Swords Gate!

It covered everyone! Everyone was within his attack range!

Including all the disciples! Including Chang Jian, Xin Jian, and Shi Jian!

“How dare you!” Chang Jian roared angrily. He raised his spirit sword and slashed at the space in front of him. A huge and fierce sword qi extended, trying to block all the sword lights.

However, the result was beyond his expectations. All the sword lights penetrated his attack.

The three leaders of the Myriad Swords Gate were full of vigor, and all the sword lights that were aimed at them were halted.

The disciples of the Myriad Swords Gate, however, were far from being this powerful, and their reactions were a beat too slow.

The white sword Qi that came in front of them instantly gave off a cold chill, causing their movements to slow.

As they were speaking, after a series of violent fluctuations, more than half of the Myriad Swords Gate disciples were injured!

Sensing this situation, Chang Jian could not contain his anger.

“Junior, how dare you humiliate the Myriad Swords Sect like this!” His vigor burst forth, his sword qi surged, and a surging sword intent rose up!

Sect leader Ding’s expression was grave. The Elders’ auras spread out, and they flew skyward. This battle was unavoidable.

“All disciples, retreat. This is the sword intent! We will get the upper hand in the next battle.”

He gestured for his disciples to retreat, and the elders all made their moves.

“Sword intent? What’s so great about it? Only you know it?”

A green sword Lotus appeared, and Li Shiyi’s sword intent soared into the sky.

At this moment, everyone’s expression changed.

“Impossible. You are so young. How could you have such a solidified sword intent?” The heart sword was shocked.


In the Wan Jian Sect, those who had be

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