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The sect leader and a few elders came outside the mountain protection formation.

There were seven black-robed men outside, under the leadership of a middle-aged man.

Seeing the people sent by the Hidden Edge Sect, the middle-aged man said, “Finally, someone came. I thought your Hidden Edge Sect wanted to take my things and pretend to be dead.”

Seeing that his words were unpleasant, many elders frowned.

“Who are you? What is the magic treasure you speak of?”

“You still pretend not to know. So many people saw that your Hidden Edge Sect took away my Dark Spirit Cauldron. Are you going to renege on your debt now?”

Elder Wu stepped forward and took out the treasured cauldron. “Are you talking about this?”


“How can you prove it?”

The middle-aged man sneered and raised his hand to conjure a spell.

The treasured cauldron in Elder Wu’s hand suddenly shone brightly. Seeing this, Elder Wu knew that this treasure should belong to the opposite party. In any case, the sect leader and the others paused to observe and did not make a move.

Who would have thought that the treasured cauldron would suddenly grow bigger and smash down fiercely on Elder Wu.

Elder Wu was unable to react in time and was immediately pushed to the ground.

Seeing this, sect leader Ding put away his long-winded thoughts about the opposite party. With a wave of his hand, the great formation was activated.

At the same time, the surrounding elders shouted loudly and took out their magic treasures one after another, surrounding the black-robed man.

“What? I’m just punishing the little thief who stole my magic treasure, but your Hidden Edge Sect’s reaction is so intense. Do you want to make a move?”

No one answered him, and many disciples had already surrounded him, attacking one after another.

The black-robed middle-aged man snorted. His entire body emitted a powerful aura, and rolling thunderclouds gathered in the sky.

Another Tribulation Transcendent?

The expressions of the members of the Hidden Edge Sect became very unsightly.

There was a potent murderous intent in the heavy air.

The treasure was clearly being used as an excuse to look for trouble.

The members of the Hidden Edge Sect all understood, at this moment, that their sect seemed to have provoked a particular force.

Previously, this cauldron had attracted the attention of other sects and forces to come and besiege it. After that, the sect had been secretly infiltrated.

Fortunately, the sect’s hidden great grandmaster of swordsmanship had made a move. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Now, using this cauldron as an excuse, he had sent another Tribulation Transcendent Realm expert to look for trouble. To have so many experts, the enemy faction must be very strong.

Who exactly was it? Sect leader Ding was puzzled.

He had no choice but to think further. The hand hidden in his sleeve crushed a jade t

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