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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several swords flew over and stopped in front of Ye Changge.

As the swords gathered, the palace instantly reacted.

The hole above the palace quickly closed, and the intensely spinning vortex slowly disappeared.

The palace gate emitted a strange light before the swords all flew to the gate and inserted themselves into the hole.

Following that, the closed gate gradually opened.

Ye Changge took his time to walk in only after the gate had opened for a long time and he had made sure that there were no traps inside.

In the Majestic Palace, a king who looked down on the world was seated on the Golden Dragon Throne.

Below, there were singing and dancing, fluttering sleeves, ringing bells, and melodious music.

Sandalwood incense was lit up on the platform, and wisps of smoke curled around.

However, Ye Changge could sense that the emperor within the hall was just an illusion.

“I, Mo Haomiao, am known as the Sword Emperor. I was born with the Sword Bone of Myriad Swords, and my strength improved rapidly as a result. I then obtained the Heavenly Dao’s recognition and became an emperor.”

It was as if Ye Changge had triggered the environment when he entered the hall, and the emperor needed to speak.

“After that, powerful experts from the outer realms came to the Heavenly Mortal World. They went to various places to absorb Earth Qi, and they ignored all living beings. Earthquakes and tsunamis occurred frequently everywhere.

“I felt the wrath of the heavens and the earth, and I attacked in anger. Hundreds of extraterrestrial experts were killed.

“The cultivation techniques that they refined were strange. I did not examine them, and they cursed me with evil techniques. Although I could suppress them, they still blocked my way forward. Ultimately, I had no hope of living forever, and I was buried here.

“The extraterrestrial experts will come again. While I’ve left my inheritance, I don’t know if there will be any juniors who will remember the extraterrestrial disaster after so many years.

“All of you who have received my inheritance must accept your mission. If an enemy from the outer realms attacks, you must take the lead and defend against them!”

As he finished speaking, the emperor’s image slowly disappeared, leaving behind a small dagger on his seat.

Ye Changge could tell that it was the emperor’s skeleton.

At the same time, it was also the emperor’s inheritance. He had cultivated based on that emperor’s scripture.

Once the image disappeared, the real scene of the hall appeared.

There were tens of thousands of swords stuck in the ground. Some were long, some were short, some were thick, while some were thin. Their materials were all different.

Ye Changge was surprised to find that each sword was extremely powerful.

“As expected of the emperor’s inheritance, the Sword Bone of Myriad Swords. Don’t worry, if an outer realm expert attacks, I’ll

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