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Chapter 16: Tidying Up the Harvest, News of the Three Disciples

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Returning to Reclining Firewood Peak, Ye Changge began to count the harvest of the night.

The first was the Ethereal Song technique. Judging from today’s usage, it was very powerful.

Perhaps in the future, he could use it to subdue many divine mutants that had gone astray.


After all, unlike humans, many wild mutants did not have anyone to guide them. It was easy for them to fall into the trap of blindly pursuing power, and their minds would be covered in dust.

Next was the pile of forbidden secret manuals.

After sorting them out, they were actually very comprehensive.

There were sacrificial methods that could collect beliefs. There were also holy scriptures of the ways of killing that could slaughter living beings and their growth.

There were also secret manuals of other races, such as the Demon Sealing War Dragon Portrait.

Although their uses were different, the requirements for cultivating these secret manuals were very harsh, and it was very likely that people would get lost.

In addition, the secret manuals each had their own personality, and they also had powerful strength. If one was not careful, one would not know whether it was a person cultivating, or a cultivation technique controlling a person.

No wonder the sect strictly controlled it. It was estimated that after so many years, many people did not know that the library had these forbidden techniques.

Although the secret manuals themselves still wanted to resist, they could do little in front of Ye Changge, who had already mastered the minor Indestructible Golden Body technique. They only indirectly suppressed him.

Letting out a breath, Ye Changge began to cultivate rapidly.

With his current realm and the bonus from signing in, the entry-level cultivation methods were very fast.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Ye Changge called Li Shiyi back, who was cultivating sword techniques on the mountaintop.

“Your master has recently acquired some secret manuals, so I picked two. You can practice them.”

After saying this, he handed over two secret manuals. “Empty Cicada Divine Walking technique” and “Moon Illumination Mystic Body”.

Li Shiyi took them and separated them from Ye Changge. The two books trembled faintly again, as if they were about to resist.

Li Shiyi was greatly shocked. Through his palms, two strange auras were transmitted to his body, actually causing the circulation of spiritual power in his body to stop.

At the same time, the “True understanding of the Grand Purity Truth Sword principle” automatically emerged from his storage ring and directly smashed onto the two secret manuals.


In an instant, everything returned to normal.

Ye Changge smiled. “Go and cultivate well.”

‘It’s as I expected of Master. The secret manuals he took ou

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