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The disciples may simply be shocked, but the four elders in the secret chamber of the main peak of the Hidden Edge Sect, Xuan Yuan Peak, were downright terrified.

One of the elders had already reached the peak of the Tribulation Transcending Realm and was about to break through to the upper three states.

The four of them were discussing in the secret chamber to give the advancing elder advice to increase their chances of transcending the tribulation.

The existence of any elder in the upper three states was too important to the sect, so much so that they did not hesitate to use forbidden techniques and secret arts to refine a formation disk.

Who knew that the heavenly punishment was surging outside? Even the mountain protection array had been activated and was operating at full power.

“This heavenly punishment has not even descended, yet its sheer power has already suppressed us to the point where we can’t even breathe. Could our forbidden technique really be such an affront to the Heavenly Dao?”

“Although our Hidden Edge Sect’s forbidden technique is not allowed by the heavenly axiom, it’s not like there haven’t been any elders in the past who relied on it to overcome their tribulations. They got off lightly without such punishment.”

While the four of them were at a loss, the heavenly punishment had already descended from the outside.

Lightning flashed continuously. It was accompanied by the falling of meteorites from the fires of heaven. At the same time, the hurricane swept up the sand and rocks, spiraling towards the Hidden Edge Sect.

The Hidden Edge sect’s mountain protection formation was activated, swiftly spinning up to full power. Waves of light appeared, briefly illuminating the spiraling Golden Dragon Shadows and roaring White Tigers.

However, the might of the sky was relentless and the mountain protection formation only lasted for a few dozen breaths before it collapsed!

There was even a strange power of tribulation coming from it. The four elders in the secret chamber felt as if they had been struck by lightning and started vomiting blood one after another. The formation plates floating in front of them were also cracking.

“This… No!”

Exclamations came from all over the Hidden Edge Sect.

The tombstones in the ancestral mausoleum trembled slightly. The top of the library pavilion lit up with a green light, and the lake at the back of the mountain rippled.

Just as the Hidden Edge Sect was about to flash their trump card, Ye Changge who lay on the ground of Xin Peak, finally sorted out the energy of Cheng Deyin’s mysterious cave heaven and used the power of the cave heaven to extinguish the heavenly punishment.

In an instant, the members of the Hidden Edge Sect felt a mist shrouding them. They couldn’t see anything clearly.

There seemed to be a rumbling sound of water as if a huge waterfall was flowing down.

In the distance, they seemed to see a towering mountain p

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