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Half a year later, the Jade Mansion was in a state of tension.

Yu Shoushan and Yu Chao accompanied the two cultivators in the living room.

One of the cultivators was a middle-aged woman with a jade-like complexion in navy blue robes. Her jade-green hair was particularly eye-catching.

The other person was an old woman. Her face was lined with age, but her hair was jet-black. Faint water vapor surrounded her body.

The old man said, “Family Head Yu, Dong Linglong is only half a year pregnant. My investigations can only conclude that all is well. Why are you worried about giving birth prematurely?”

Although the middle-aged woman did not say anything, she seemed to silently agree.

“The two of you may not know this, but my wife has always dreamed of a new life coming into the world. Recently, the dreams have been recurring persistently. She has a strong feeling that she is about to give birth.”

Yu Chao already knew that Ye Changge was extraordinary but did not dare to reveal his information carelessly. He could only blame it all on his wife’s dreams.

After all, the Hidden Edge Sect was so far away. Ye Changge had sensed this half a year ago.

On the other hand, the Vast Sea Pavilion, which was also one of the top ten sects, did not react even when they were so close to each other. This was enough to show that Ye Changge was leaps and bounds ahead of them.

“Since you’re so certain, I think it’s because you’re worried that things will get messy. In any case, our factions have always been on good terms for generations. The Vast Sea Pavilion sent me here just in case.”

“My Blue Wave Sect’s Elder Yu is cultivating nearby. Elder Yu’s medical skills are superb. If anything really happens, I’ll call for her. You can rest assured.”

As the representative of the Blue Wave Sect, the middle-aged woman waited for the old woman to finish speaking before she spoke.

“In that case, thank you, Granny Li, and thank you, fellow Daoist Qi Rou.”

As the few of them conversed, they gradually began to talk about other matters.

In the afternoon, the sun was originally shining brightly, but it gradually dimmed. Meteors streaked across the sky, one after another, attracting the attention of the people.

The pedestrians of Zishan city all raised their heads to look at the sky, looking at the strange weather.

Dong Linglong lay in the room when a sudden, unbearable pain in her abdomen assaulted her, eliciting a cry of pain.

The servant girl serving her by the side was looking through the window at the meteor streaking across the sky. She was shocked.

When she heard the mistress’ cry of pain, she hurriedly turned her head around.

When she realized something was wrong, she hurriedly ran outside to inform the servants to look for the midwife.

Yu Chao was also looking up at the meteor when a servant suddenly came to report that Dong Linglong was about to give birth. He had already found the midwife.


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