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Sensing the abnormality, the patrol teams of the Heavenly Dao Academy moved out one after another.

Everyone was shocked when they found out that the problem was in Fang Yuru’s courtyard.

What had he done? Did he attract a super powerhouse? Or was there some other reason that he attracted a powerful attack from beyond the heavens.

“What’s going on? Why was the power of that palm so terrifying?”

“It’s too fast. The speed of the formation’s automatic energy storage can’t even keep up with the speed of the attack.”

“It’s normal. After all, it’s an automatic warning. No one is controlling it.”

Some of the Hidden Heavenly Dao Academy’s resources were also shocked.

“How dare you! How dare you provoke the Heavenly Dao Academy like this? No one would dare!”

An old man appeared in the secret realm behind the mountain. He had an angry expression, and there was a faint light yellow that distorted the space around him.

His spiritual sense quickly swept toward Fang Yuru’s small courtyard.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

Such a powerful attack? Such condensed power?

What shocked him the most was the remaining energy on the palm print. It was mysterious and vast.

“When did the Heavenly Dao Academy have such a powerful enemy?”

With a horrified thought, the old man returned to the secret realm with a solemn expression. He must have gone to report to higher authorities.

The three people who had discussed things at the Sacred Lake of Confucianism were talking over this strange matter in a small library.

“This attack is a palm technique. Its actual combat ability is too terrifying. Now, it has already forbidden others from approaching.”

“After the investigation of some of the elders, the levels of the residual energy are very high. It’s almost comparable to quasi-emperors.”

“What are you saying? Quasi-emperors? Are you sure?”

Following the old man’s words, the middle-aged man and the woman who heard the stream asked in shock.

How many years had it been since a quasi-emperor had appeared? The world still remembered how terrifying they were.

In the Heavenly Mortal World, many people thought that there were no experts above the realm-breaking realm in this world.

Only these sacred lands knew faintly of the experts with strength close to this level lurking and lying dormant.

“The time for the great change of the heavenly axiom hasn’t arrived yet. Why would a quasi-emperor-level expert appear now? This is truly inconceivable.”

“Someone has already reported to the Mountain of Books and Xuehai. Let’s wait for the news.”

“This is the only way. Oh right, Li Shiyi rejected our request.”

Hearing this news, the middle-aged woman suddenly stood up. “Why did you fail? Didn’t you give enough conditions?”

The old man was also full of anger. “It seems that Li Shiyi is too ignorant of the current situation. Apart from his identity as the headmaster, I have also promised the

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