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“Master, what exactly is this place? Why is there so much spiritual energy here? There are almost just as many spiritual herbs.”

“This is the foundation of the Cave heaven blessed land under my possession. I planted it in the Hidden Edge Sect, our base camp. When it fully develops, we will have a world as our base.”

“Cave heaven blessed land? Master, what is a cave heaven blessed land?”

Ye Changge replied, “Heaven, earth, water, and even humans are all separated by qi. The Fairyland also originates from qi. They are interconnected and form a three-dimensional network that interweaves.”

“But due to the difference in temperament, there are differences between the top and bottom. The top is the cave heaven, and the bottom is the blessed land.”

“This is a ranked tenth cave heaven, Chengdeyin cave heaven.”


“By cultivating here, you will be able to receive the greatest amount of spiritual energy, allowing you to better comprehend the Heavenly Dao Laws.”

As he listened to these instructions, Li Shiyi could not help but ask, “Master, you are clearly so powerful, why has your name never appeared in the outside world?”

“If it wasn’t for me coming here to look for a sword path grandmaster, I wouldn’t have known that the Hidden Edge Sect had an existence as powerful as you.”

“How shallow,” Ye Changge replied. “What’s the point of being famous? If you’re not a saint, you’re just an ant. Focus on your cultivation and pursue the peak of the Great Dao. That’s the only thing to do.”

“Moreover, it’s not that I don’t want to make a move, but I won’t make any move so flippantly.”

“Then under what circumstances would you make a move?”

“When I’m 100% sure. For example, if I can kill that Tribulation Transcendent with one sword strike, then I’m 100% sure.”

Li Shiyi fell speechless and found it difficult to breathe.

“When you talk of killing tribulation transcenders like slaughtering dogs, you’re 100% sure that you can kill anyone.”

“Nonsense. There are so many experts in this world. No one knows what kind of existence is lurking around. In fact, I have a vague feeling that there are hidden experts in this world, perhaps only slightly weaker than the Great Emperor.”

“There are experts only slightly weaker than the emperor? Then why haven’t they come out?”

Ye Changge replied with a raised eyebrow, “How would I know? But just in case, I don’t want to attract their attention now.”

“If you came out now, or if these existences become your enemies, how confident are you in suppressing them?”

Ye Changge thought seriously about it for a moment. “95% confidence.”

Li Shiyi suddenly did not feel like speaking.


Seeing Li Shiyi like this, Ye Changge decided to elaborate.

“How do you know if other people have hidden trump cards? How do you know if other people have the power to turn the tables?”

“Even if your opponent doesn’t have these, how do you know there won’t be any acciden

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