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Lu Changming waved his hand, and a blood-red longsword appeared in his hand.

Lu Changming’s expression was solemn as he raised the blood-red sword. His aura dispersed, and the space around him grew distorted.

The longsword in his hand quickly turned from red to black, and a black hole appeared at the tip of the sword, vacuuming the air around it into its void.

Lu Changming’s aura only continued to rise. He narrowed his eyes. His gaze was like the naked steel of a drawn sword, grabbing people’s souls.

Rich and powerful sword intent gathered around him.

The sky above him quickly darkened, and the ground below him seemed to be under heavy pressure. It caved in, forming a huge hole.

Lu Changming’s eyes turned blood-red as he slashed his sword down.

A huge sword ray tore through heaven and earth. The sword intent was razor-sharp, whistling through the air.

When the four ancestors and five ancestors saw this scene, their faces turned pale. They channeled all of their magic power and the golden bell rapidly expanded to protect the two of them.


At the same time, the long-browed Patriarch’s Green Longsword rotated in the air and turned into a green sea of swords. The densely packed small swords formed a sword formation and swarmed toward the blood-colored sword light.

Sect Master Ding did not sit idly by either. He activated the mountain protection formation with all his strength. At the same time, he reinforced his mental equities and the Great Lake at the back of the mountain rippled once again.

However, it was different from before. The waves were clearly more intense. It seemed like they were about to be born.


An intense explosion sounded. The airborne members of the Hidden Edge Sect could no longer stay in the air and fell to the ground, one after another.

The black-robed middle-aged man waved his hand to protect everyone behind him and retreated a few hundred meters.

When the sound stopped, the mountain protection formation of the Hidden Edge Sect was shattered. The fourth ancestor was unconscious while the fifth ancestor was bleeding from his seven orifices. He was clutching the body of the fourth ancestor.

The strength of someone at the peak of the Entry Saint Stage was actually so terrifying!

Sect Leader Ding no longer planned to hide. He quickly ordered the elders and disciples to return to the mountain. At the same time, he issued an order to the back of the mountain.

In the lake at the back of the mountain, a huge black shadow rapidly approached the surface of the lake. The surface of the water was turbulent.

However, someone appeared even sooner. A white light appeared, and the small paper figure of the calligraphy spirit appeared in a flash.

With a wave of his arm, the light of the library clashed!

With the appearance of this light pillar, the nine peaks of the hidden edge sect simultaneously produced a huge light pillar. It spread out in the

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