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“Come back, quickly!”

The members of the Myriad Swords gate had disappeared without a trace after being killed by a single sword strike. Li Shiyi was still lamenting about how powerful his master was when he suddenly heard his master’s voice.

For some reason, Li Shiyi panicked!

Oh no, did he stand out too much and displease his master?

With this thought in mind, Li Shiyi bowed to Sect Leader Ding and the other elders, “This matter has been settled. There are still important matters on Reclining Firewood Peak. I will take my leave now!”

Without waiting for Sect Leader Ding and the others to reply, Li Shiyi quickly dashed to the door and flew out on his sword.

Sect Leader Ding was still immersed in the power of the sword from just now. He did not even have time to react before Li Shiyi vanished.

“That kid ran so fast. What important matters could he have at Reclining Firewood Peak?”

“Haha, I think he’s afraid that Sect Leader and chief Qing Cang will attempt to poach him as a disciple again. He fled.”

“What are you saying? A powerful sword genius like him should come to my place to cultivate. His Reclining Firewood Peak doesn’t have any sword cultivator inheritance.”

After an elder said that, the surrounding people all quietened down and looked at him strangely.

“Previously, Shu Ling borrowed a sword from the direction of reclining salary peak. Now, Li Shiyi is also the disciple of reclining salary peak, and the distance between Yunxiao Peak and reclining salary peak is also so close. You still haven’t realized who that Great Grandmaster of Sword Arts is?”


When the elder heard the questions around him, he was stunned for a moment and took a deep breath.

“Hiss! It turns out that that brat Ye Changge, had hidden his capabilities so well!”

When Sect Leader Ding heard this, he really despised him.

How could this guy be so stupid?!

Just like when they were apprenticed together, Sect Leader Ding raised his hand and slapped the back of the Elder’s head.

“Stupid! Ye Changge is just a junior. He has only cultivated for less than ten years. How could he have such powerful sword cultivation strength? !”

“What sect are we? Hidden Edge sect! Hidden Edge sect has nine lineages. Each of them is different, and each of them has their own foundation!”

“It doesn’t really fit our sect’s style to hide a great grandmaster of the way of the sword on Reclining Firewood Peak!”

The elders at the side chimed in, “You actually suspected Ye Changge to be that Grandmaster of the way of the sword. Your brain is still as useless as ever!”

Li Shiyi had hurried back to Reclining Firewood Peak. He went directly to Cheng Deyin mysterious cave heaven and met Ye Changge.

“Let me ask you, do you know why I asked you to come back?”

“I disobeyed my master’s order and acted too boldly! I admit my mistake, please punish me, Master!”

Seeing Li Shiyi bow his head and admit his mistake, Ye C

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