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After a few days, Ye Changge stood on the summit of Reclining Firewood Peak and gazed at the clouds before him.

“System, check in!”

“Congratulations, host. You have obtained 400 years of cultivation!”


“Congratulations, host. You have obtained information on the reincarnation of a divine artifact. Do you wish to check?”

Unexpectedly, there was another surprise. Ye Changge immediately said, “Check.”

“The reincarnation of the divine artifact, the Heavenly Star Mirror. Previously, the divine artifact became sentient. It assumed the name, Liang Yueyin and became the great empress of a generation, establishing the Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty. After suffering a calamity, it regenerated into the Heavenly Star Mirror to recuperate.”

“Now that it has sufficient energy, it has descended into the mortal world once again.”

Hearing this explanation, Ye Changge secretly scoffed.

It was beating around the bush. Did he not just find another good disciple to take in? It was an old routine.

Thus, he found Li Shiyi and said, “I have a feeling that I’ll need to go out on a trip. You should build a bamboo house in the mountains.”

“Master, is there anyone who wants to live here? Do you have any requests?”

“It should be a newborn girl. I’m afraid that her family will come to live here from time to time. You should make it more spacious.” With that, he left.

Li Shiyi was left suspended in admiration. “Master, you are indeed extraordinary. You can actually calculate the fate between a newborn girl and yourself.”


What he didn’t know was that his third younger sister had not been born yet.



Following the aura given by the system, Ye Changge arrived at a place in the eastern region near the eastern sea.

There was a small city here called Zishan City.

Zishan City was near the sea, and there was a bustling port around it.

Ye Changge changed his appearance and pretended to be an ordinary young man to investigate the situation.

In front of a mansion, Ye Changge raised his head.

According to his investigation, there was a faint divine light ten thousand meters in the sky.

Although it was daytime, with Ye Changge’s eyesight, he could still see the Starlight in the sky.

The gatekeepers and guards in front of the Jade Mansion looked at the young man who kept raising and lowering his head. They did not know what he was trying to do.

If it was not for the simple and humble manner of the Yu family, they might have chased him away.

“SSS grade genius detected.”

[ Name ] : None

[ Age ] : Not yet born

[ Innate Bone ] : SSS grade

[ Aptitude ] : SSS grade

[ Cultivation ] : None

[ Innate Talent ] : God equipment body, stars fall.

[ Faction ] : Star Dynasty

[ Remark ] : Star Mirror Reincarnation body.

[Ding! Mission: Accept disciple.’

[‘Reward: Star God walking technique.’

[‘Mission duration: Half a year.’]


Seeing this noti

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