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Hidden Edge Sect, main peak.

The Sect Master and many elders of the seven branches were sitting in the reception hall.

A few months ago, they learned that the Myriad Swords Sect of West Ocean would come here, saying that they were here to trade some precious swords.

The Hidden Edge Sect, who had some experience in dealing with the Wan Xiang Sect and the Myriad Swords sect had already made the arrangements.

These holy places were tough and unyielding. The Hidden Edge Sect had decided long ago that they would not be bullied, neither would they take the initiative to clash with them, nor would they let others look down on them.

The four patriarchs had already taken their positions. After that, at least people from all the sects would come.

Ye Changge was currently sorting out his materials and gains. It was more important for him to grow stronger, so he sent Li Tianyi over.


Seeing that it was not Ye Changge who came from Reclining Firewood Peak, many elders began to mutter in their hearts.

“This kid really doesn’t put the sect in his eyes. In the past, their sense of presence was weak, and that kid Ye Changge pushed them as much as he could.”

“Now that he finally has a few more disciples, he doesn’t set an example for others. If he has something to do, he should send a disciple over.”

“Everyone here is an elder, and his disciple is lacking two backups. A branch composed of a kid lacking two backups. Isn’t this a joke?”

As they secretly criticized Ye Changge, these elders warmly greeted Li Shiyi.

“Jianyi, your master Ye Changge’s cultivation talent is mediocre, your sword Dao talent is superb, and Chief Buyi is not here. You best not be delayed at Reclining Firewood Peak.”


A sage-like elder looked at Li Shiyi with a smile, his eyes full of anticipation.

“Jianyi, our Qingshu Peak recently obtained a few good sword techniques, and we still have a lot of sword Dao resources here. It would be most appropriate for you to come.”


Seeing that someone had already spoken, many elders responded one after another, wanting Li Shiyi to join their sect.

Such a Sword Dao Genius had already been in the Hidden Edge Sect for so long, and there wasn’t much of a change in the investigation.

This meant that his strength hadn’t increased much.

In the understanding of the elders, although the Hidden Edge Sect’s Qi restraining technique was very mysterious and extraordinary, Li Yi’s cultivation was too different from theirs, so he definitely wouldn’t make a mistake in the investigation.

“You actually think that master’s talent in cultivation is mediocre?”

Li Shiyi could only smile wryly when he heard this, not knowing whether it was because these elders were too weak or because his master was too good at hiding his talent.

He did not reply but shook his head apologetically.

Seeing this guy’s taciturn expression, the elders couldn’t do anything about him, so they could

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