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A few more months passed.

The miss of the Jade mansion was named Yu Tianxing. She had bright eyes, as well as teeth, and she was an absolute beauty.


Although she was young, she possessed a strange majestic quality. Whenever she sat quietly in the courtyard, the servants who passed by would not dare to speak loudly.


Meanwhile, the Green Wave Sect and the Vast Sea Pavilion’s determination to accept disciples had also become stronger.

On this day, Yu Chao and Yu Shoushan had a secret discussion in the study.

“Right now, both the Green Wave Sect and the Vast Sea Pavilion have their eyes on us. They want to accept Tianxing as a disciple. As such, our family’s business has also improved quite a bit.”

“However, Tianxing is destined to become a disciple of the Hidden Edge Sect. If they were to find out about this situation, I’m afraid that we would be suppressed. Moreover, the two great sects would not agree either. What should we do?”

Hearing Yu Chao’s frustrated voice, Yu Shoushan did not reply immediately.

He raised his head and looked at the ancestral teachings that hung on the wall.

“Let’s secretly sell our assets and go to the Hidden Edge Sect.”

Yu Chao was stunned by Yu Shoushan’s words.

“Tianxing is destined to be extraordinary. Now, both the Green Wave Sect and the Vast Ocean Pavilion are willing to curry favor with our family.

“This has never happened before. The Yu family has been operating in Zishan City for hundreds of years. Although we have been on good terms with the two factions for generations, everyone knows that we are only relying on them.

“This further shows how important and extraordinary Tianxing is. The Hidden Edge Sect’s expert had already predicted this previously and left behind medicinal pills to save Linglong and Tianxing.

“His strength is much stronger than that of the Vast Sea Pavilion. If we were to go to the Hidden Edge Sect and make Tianxing acknowledge him as her master, we would be able to hide for a hundred years at most. Once Tianxing grows up, we won’t have to worry about the Yu family not flourishing!

“We can still place our hopes on that expert to sit down with us. This is also a chance and source of fortune for us.”

Yu Chao himself did not have such confidence in Yu Tianxing, but even so, he realized that his father’s expectations were very high.

Filled with pride, Yu Chao said, “Let’s do it!”

A few months later, the Yu family decided to give up after realizing that it would not be good to sell off their fixed assets under the surveillance of the two factions.

They bought a high-grade airship at a high price, a secret array treasure that concealed part of their heavenly secrets, and other items. Then, they took the precious treasures that could be stored with the family and any other property that could be taken away before they quietly set off.

At the same time, Ye Changge of the Hidden Edge Sect was at a critical junc

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