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While they were conversing, a group of people arrived in the city and booked the best inn there. All the guests who were already staying there were chased out.

The innkeeper had originally been unwilling, but an elder from the Wan Xiang Sect revealed part of his strength and directly suppressed all of the people in the inn to the ground.

Then, he threw out enough gold to book the entire inn for several months.

It was basically a large sect. For the sake of their reputation, they would not go back on their word on such a small matter. However, what they wanted to do was not something that anyone could disobey.

The Wan Xiang Sect proclaimed to be the Heavenly Dao’s sect and inspected the world, not allowing others to refute them.

Of course, sacred grounds of the same level as them were not included in this list.

After a round of rest and discussion, they decided to directly send people to the largest sect nearby— the Hidden Edge sect—to inquire about the situation.

After all, slowly gathering information took a lot of time and effort. As the local “snake”, the Hidden Edge Sect would definitely know a lot of things. Moreover, according to the first elder’s calculations, the heavenly punishment was related to the eastern region’s Hidden Edge Sect.

The next day, the sect master, the elders of the hall, and many other leaders all came to the main hall to receive the people from the central region.

Lei Ting, who was leading the Wan Xiang Sect team, went straight to the point. “The first elder of our sacred land observed the weather at night and deduced that the Thunder Tribulation appeared in the eastern region and the heavenly punishment descended.

“Over the past ten years, the heavenly secrets have changed. This matter is of great importance and may be related to the changes in the Heavenly Dao. We must investigate it properly.

“I heard that the Hidden Edge Sect is one of the ten great sects in the Eastern Region. I believe that we have received quite a bit of news. Therefore, please tell us what you know so that we can report back.


“Of course, our sacred land of the central region, the land of outstanding people, will not take your intelligence for granted. In return, we will definitely remember your favor.”

Although his words were polite, the self-righteousness in his tone was very obvious.

He cursed in his heart, “What do we know? We only know that it’s connected to the foundation of the sect. No one knows what it is exactly. Even if we know, who would take the initiative to reveal such an important thing?”

Sect Leader Ding began to use the great evasion tactic. After a round of flattery and evasion, there was only one piece of information, “We don’t know either.”


Lei Ting was also an old fox. Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid. Realizing Sect Leader Ding’s intention, the two began to fight.

Wang Meng, who was standing at the back, was young and impetuous. He

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