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Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

The day-to-day life on Reclining Firewood Peak was extremely peaceful. There were no internal or external problems. Ye Changge signed in every day, and his two disciples cultivated daily as well. In the midst of the peace, their overall strength had indeed risen by leaps and bounds.

On this day, Li Shiyi was practicing his sword techniques at the entrance of Reclining Firewood Peak’s main hall.

He held his sword with one hand and formed a seal with his left hand. In an instant, six smaller light shadows split off from the sword and revolved around him.

Li Shiyi’s body turned into streaks of white light too. Immediately after, the white shadows, sword light, and green qi intersected and reflected off of each other. The shadows were blurry, appearing beautiful and full of killing intent.

“Not bad, not bad. Your talent in swordsmanship is so terrifying that even your natural sword bone is starting to display its power. Your revenge is just around the corner.”

“Master?” Li Shiyi, who had stopped, turned his head around.

“How is your cultivation going? Does the Grand Purity Truth Sword suit you?”

Hearing the question, Li Jianyi nodded. “Master, your Truth Sword is really mysterious and unusual. Every time I see it, I gain something new. Now, not only have I recovered all my strength, but I have also advanced halfway into the third level.

“As for swordsmanship cultivation, I have made much more progress than before. I have already comprehended sword intent!”

Ye Changge smiled faintly. “That’s right. Since you’ve already comprehended sword intent, the next step is to comprehend sword spirit.”

“Sword spirit? Master, what’s that?”Li Jianyi had never heard of this term before, so he asked in puzzlement.

“Sword Dao cultivation is transparent and thorough. Only with it can one comprehend Supreme Sword Dao. You have to understand the deepest conviction in your heart. You have to understand why you practice the sword and what the sword represents to you.

“Some people practice the sword to protect themselves, some people practice it for money, and some people just like sword techniques. What about you?”

Hearing Ye Changge’s question, Li Shiyi began to ponder.

As a top-notch genius, he had once stood at the peak amongst the younger generation, and he used to be fearless.

Later on, his family had threatened and suppressed him, causing his heart to be filled with resentment.

“I, I like swords, but I also have other beliefs. This disciple thinks that he is a reasonable person, and practicing swordsmanship is to reason with others.

“If someone is stubborn and unreasonable, I will beat him until he becomes reasonable!”

After Ye Changge had completed the mission for the reward and obtained the Brilliant Sword Spirit, his cultivation in the path of the sword had also become extraordinary. When he heard the disciple’s words, he nod

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