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Asura Ghost Region.

“We’ve received news from Yun Yishiyi. He suspects that Reclining Firewood Peak is a hidden branch of the Hidden Edge Sect. We’ll continue to investigate.”

“The situation is getting more and more complicated now. I didn’t expect the Hidden Edge Sect to have such deep secrets. We have underestimated their strength and foundation.”

“That isn’t strange. After all, we were defeated by them back then. After so many years, their inheritance hasn’t been broken, so it’s not strange that their strength has increased.”

“Now, we have secretly gotten hold over the Floating Snow Sect. The Qilian Mountain is close to the southern border’s Hundred Thousand Mountains, and it’s desolate. The Ghost Region’s headquarters is stable, so all that’s left is the Hidden Edge Sect!”

The Asuran Ghost Lord’s dignified voice then sounded. “Those at the headquarters are very displeased now, but they have still advised us not to be anxious. Basically, as long as we have the Hidden Edge Sect, the four great earth vein nodes will be controlled by us, and the seal will be lifted.”

“Right now, the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect have started to take action against the Hidden Edge Sect. We should all wait.”

“Contact the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect. We will send people to hide with them and wait for the Wan Xiang Sect, as well as Myriad Swords Gate, to make a move. It is only right for us to reap the benefits of the others.”


As time passed, some news gradually spread throughout the eastern region.


In the Yu family, Faya City.

“Family Head, there has been a rumor going around in the eastern region recently. The Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect of the central region have both been offended by the Hidden Edge Sect. They are all rushing to send people over.”

A middle-aged man wearing a green hat and a long robe was in the study, asking to see Yu Shoushan. He was talking about the news that had been spreading in the eastern region lately.


Yu Shoushan frowned as he looked at his nephew, Yu Heng, “I know about this rumor as well, but what do you mean?”

Yu Heng gritted his teeth and anxiously said, “Family Head, the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect are both major powers. They are of sacred lands, while the Hidden Edge Sect is only one of the ordinary sects.

“Although they have already become the top three in the eastern region, the power of the sacred lands is not something this sect can compare to.

“I know that Tianxing has joined the Hidden Edge Sect, but can we have two plans and send out another branch to make other arrangements?”

“You want to split up?” Yu Shoushan’s expression was serious.

“I would never dare!” Yu Heng hurriedly kowtowed.

“It’s just that the Hidden Edge Sect is in danger now. If it had been before, it would have been fine. But now, they’ve offended both the Myriad Swords Gate and the Wan Xiang Sect. I heard that they’ve even ki

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