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A strange, dark yellow spiritual energy quietly spread in the ground, and it soon dug ten miles into the ground.

The two people on the ground remained clueless. Ye Changge activated the spiritual spell formation that he had long prepared in advance.

A strong gravitational force struck out.

The two people in black clothes floating in the air were forced to the ground by the tremendous pressure.

Their exclamations of surprise were followed by painful groans.

The immense pressure pinned them to the ground. It did not just stop there. The ground gave way and started to shove them underground.

Ye Changge did not intend to waste any time. As soon as the array was at full power, he teleported to the ground.

He quickly drew his sword. All the members of the Ten Pinnacle Sword Sect were killed where they helplessly remained pinned. The young man who held the blood flame demon sword was the first to be killed.

The Blood Flame Demon Sword that he had pinned his hopes on did not allow him to kill everyone — instead, it became his soul-pulling rope.

After making sure that all the disciples of the Ten Pinnacle Sword Sect were dead, Ye Changge disappeared. He retreated to a distance and began to examine the treasured sword he had just taken.

The sword was long and thin, emitting a faint heat.

Ye Changge sensed that there was a faint guiding force on the sword. It seemed to tug the sword towards a certain direction, albeit faint.

That direction was the west ocean.

There was only one force. If other keys were attracted to each other, there would be more than one force.

Therefore, with only one sword, they should be able to find the location of the sword tomb.

Having made up his mind, Ye Changge went back to the Hidden Edge Sect.

He told Li Shiyi and Yu Xiuxing to cultivate well before covering the entire Hidden Edge Sect with the Heavenly Passage.

After that, Ye Changge chose to take a detour from the southern border to the west sea,

There were too many hidden powerhouses in the central region, and extremely powerful forces were both in the open and in the dark. In order to avoid any accidents along the way, this route was the safest.


In the unknown underground of the Central Region, in the headquarters of the Asura Ghost Region.

In the center of a large hall was a strange stone statue.

It was made of a special material, and there was a faint luster flowing about it.

It had three heads and six arms. One face was angry, one was determined, one was indifferent. Together it produced an intense killing intent.


Suddenly, the entire stone statue began to shake.


The head with the indifferent expression left behind bloody tears in its eyes, making it seem even more bizarre and terrifying.

A gust of cold wind blew past, and a person wearing an evil ghost mask looked at the stone statue.

“A warning sign! What kind of crisis would cause the asura stat

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