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Chapter 201: Defeat With a Single Sword

Ye Changge shifted his gaze from Nan Mingli and the others to the monster with great interest.

At this moment, Duan Tongfang’s body was more than ten feet tall. His entire body was covered in gray scales, and fine lines could be seen on each scale.

Sharp bone spikes grew out of his hands and feet.

His eyes had turned into almond-like yellow-brown snake eyes, cold and emotionless.

His aura had also become four to five times stronger.

He was an expert in the Entry Saint Realm, whose strength after transformation was comparable to Nan Mingli who had broken through to the next realm.

Ye Changge could be sure that the pattern on his body was a kind of array pattern.

He had only seen an array pattern on the body once before from the inheritance of his fifth disciple, Wu Yunfei.

He was very curious. This was the first time he had seen such a strange cultivation technique.

Using demonic power to temper one’s body was not out of his expectations. However, this custom-made formation on one’s own body to increase one’s strength still made Ye Changge’s eyes light up.

Other than Duan Tongfang, the ten thousand gate guard holding the wine pot had also undergone his transformation.

Unlike Duan Tongfang, who directly transformed his body into a monster, he summoned his own primordial spirit from his mind.

The primordial spirit was in the shape of a strange dragon. The rest of it was the same as a golden dragon, but it only had a sharp horn on its head.

The dragon-shaped primordial spirit merged with his original body and eventually transformed into a monster with human lower limbs and a dragon upper limbs.

Its body was much larger than a human’s, and even its lower legs were incomparably thick.

When Ye Changge saw this, he once again realized that this was after all a world where demonic cultivation was dominant. Everything was different from the Heavenly Mortal World.

The cultivation methods of the cultivators here were all compatible with their main bodies. In the end, their combat abilities could be said to be even stronger than the cultivators of the Heavenly Mortal World.

After all, what suited them was the best.

Just like that, the two powerful experts of the Entry Saint Realm used their transformation methods to block the battle formation.

Nan Mingli absorbed the demonic energy of the soldiers. The huge blade in his hand slashed out with a huge red and fiery blade light.

Unfortunately, although the two shapeshifters staggered under the attack, the scales on their bodies had very good defense, so they were not seriously injured.

Ye Changge keenly noticed that both the Wan Menguan and Duan Tongfang’s damaged scales were quickly recovering.

“This cultivation method is indeed marvelous.”

He smiled and praised.

Su Yueming, who was standing by the side, was relieved when she heard this comment.

Her tense nerves relax

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