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Chapter 199: Absorbing Thunder Essence to Vanquish Enemies

Actually, when Ye Changge saw such a thick layer of clouds, he could not hold it in any longer.

From what he saw, the thick layer of clouds was filled with abundant lightning energy.

Even Ye Changge had never seen such thick dark clouds before.

This was a good opportunity to replenish his own energy, so he naturally would not let it go.

Without any hesitation, the Emperor’s flying ship shot straight into the clouds.

The array patterns carved on the flying ship instantly lit up, and a powerful suction force emerged.

An astonishing number of lightning bolts were triggered within the clouds.

Rumble! Rumble!

The sound of thunder continuously reverberated within the thick clouds, deafening to the ears.

Countless silver lightning streaks flew over from all directions and struck the flying ship. The abundant thunderclouds were rapidly converted, and the spirit energy continuously nourished his body.

Ignoring Ah Hu, who was unable to move inside the flying ship, Ye Changge sat cross-legged and focused on channeling the spiritual energy into his body.

It was like a person finding an oasis in a desert. His physical body thirstily absorbed the spiritual energy.

Countless thick lightning streaks struck the flying ship, and the ship seemed utterly dazzling.

With the flying ship as the center, the dark clouds collapsed at an astonishing speed.

Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

Because the lightning turned into thunder essence and was absorbed by Ye Changge, the water vapor in the dark clouds condensed into heavy rain and fell down.

When the rain fell, it was shocking. The world was filled with mist, and everyone was busy.

Su Yueming and Nan Mingli stared blankly at the clouds that disappeared like an avalanche in the sky, as well as the flying ship that looked like a silver hedgehog.

The two women did not expect that this person’s movements would be so big.

Soon, more of the clouds turned into rain. When the last trace of lightning was sucked into the flying ship, the sky was as bright as ever, and the sun was shining brightly.

When the dark clouds in the sky had completely disappeared, the flying ship that was shrouded in lightning slowly landed on the ground.

The Emperor’s flying ship had been blessed by the lightning storm, and its true appearance was revealed.



Gasps could be heard.

Su Yueming stared at the Emperor’s flying ship with her mouth agape. She had never felt such a powerful flying ship before.

As the right-hand man of the demon lord of the eastern region, she was also shocked by the magnificence of the Emperor’s flying ship.

In order to absorb the thunder clouds in the sky, Ye Changge activated the array formation of the flying ship.

With his current strength and the exquisiteness of the array formation on the Emperor’s flying ship, the effects of the flying shi

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