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Chapter 204: Looking at the Materials, Shocked the Entire Demon Emperor World

“I’m not too familiar with the materials of the Demon Emperor World. May I know which materials the demon lord has that you can’t destroy?”

Gongye Mengyue had already reached the Great Emperor Realm, and her strength was first-rate in the entire Demon Emperor World.

She was stunned for a moment and had to think carefully.

“Master, please wait. I’ll go and find out.”

Saying that, she stood up and led her followers away.

The corners of Ye Changge’s mouth curled up slightly.

This eastern region demon lord was constantly trying to rope him in.

He saw that she was straightforward and had the standard thinking of a craftsman. She also changed her style of doing things.

“She does have some tricks. As expected of one of the four great demon lords.”

Gongye Mengyue disappeared for a long time and did not come back.

Ye Changge was not in a hurry.

The demon lords of the eastern region would definitely not be idle. They would test the items in their treasury one by one to see which of them could not be destroyed.

As they drank tea and repaired their bodies, it was soon evening.

“Thank you for waiting, master. After testing, I found these materials.”

Gongye Mengyue once again appeared in the main hall and handed over a storage ring.

Ye Changge noticed that her entourage had changed.

After receiving the ring, Ye Changge began to carefully analyze it with his spiritual ability.

Inside the ring, there were actually hundreds of materials.

This made him sigh. The Demon Emperor World was blessed with abundant resources.

One had to know that back in the Heavenly Mortal World, after Ye Changge found out about the existence of Dao artifacts, he had already thought of ways to refine them.

In the end, he discovered that there were very few materials in the Heavenly Mortal World that were suitable for him to refine Dao artifacts.

If not for the fact that he still had the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, he might not even be able to carry out the refinement experiments.

“Demon lord, please use your demonic power to infuse into these materials here.”

Ye Changge took out a few materials from the storage ring and handed them over.

Gongye Mengyue took a look and saw that there were a total of five materials.

There was a jade ring with a snow-white exterior and a black vapor flowing slowly inside.

There was a pale white skull with hollow eyes that seemed to be bottomless. She had only taken a glance earlier and felt that her body would be sucked in.

There were also two pieces of wood and a few pieces of unknown metal.

Gongye Mengyue did not ask further. She picked up the jade ring and activated her demonic power.

In an instant, a sacred majestic and an unpredictable aura enveloped the entire hall.

Whether it was the attendants serving in the hall or the guards guarding outside, ev

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