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Chapter 220: Entering the Emperor’s Palace

The long night passed slowly like water.

After a night of rest, Mo Ling gradually recovered her spirit.

Ye Changge specially asked the servant to prepare some delicious breakfast. Although it would not nourish the body, delicious food could make people feel happy.

The pill that he gave Mo Ling to consolidate her foundation and strengthen her vitality was enough to nourish her.

Breakfast made the child feel very happy.

The young girls, Manman, and Mo Ling finished their breakfast in a friendly, harmonious and loving atmosphere.

Next, Ye Changge accepted Mo Ling’s Heart Unity Gu, but Ye Changge’s strength was too strong.

He directly blocked the ability of the Gu in his body that would let her hear him. Now, only Ye Changge could listen to Mo Ling’s thoughts, and Mo Ling could not listen to Ye Changge’s thoughts.

“Mo Ling, next, you need to enter the Emperor’s Palace alone, and then go to the deepest forbidden area to take out the things in this interspatial ring.”

Ye Changge took out an interspatial ring that specifically contained strange egg, and then handed Mo Ling two talismans.

“You know the way, so just sneak in quietly.”

‘Ah? Where am I going? I won’t be directly erased, right? Even father has to register to enter.’

Now, Mo Ling did not even need to speak. Her thoughts were completely exposed under Ye Changge’s eyes.

“Don’t be afraid. This is a breath concealing talisman and an invisibility talisman. You can just sneak in and run away.”

Ye Changge waved his hand and comforted her.

“A talisman personally made by a god realm expert definitely won’t capsize. Go, brave girl!”

“Once you take out the item in this ring, just think it and I’ll hear it. Then, I’ll directly attack from outside the palace.”

Ye Changge explained his plan in detail. Mo Ling took the ring and talismans and nodded.


In the palace.

In the depths of the forbidden area.

The three old men were actually three brothers. The eldest was called Mo Xue, the second was called Mo Wen, and the third was called Mo Wu.

But their strength was indeed reversed.

The third one, Mo Wu, was an expert of the godly spirit realm long before he discovered the Human Mountain World.

The second one, Mo Wen, only broke through to the godly spirit realm with the help of the resources of the Freedom Palace after he attacked the Freedom Palace.

The eldest one, Mo Xue, only broke through to the godly spirit realm after he cultivated for a hundred years beside the Human Mountain Seal.

Today, the three brothers were meditating beside the Human Mountain Seal as usual. Suddenly, they felt their hearts palpitate.

The third brother, Mo Wu, had the highest cultivation level. He was the first to feel his heart palpitate.

He stopped cultivating and looked around.

Soon, the second brother also stopped cultivating and looked at the third brothe

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