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Chapter 209: The Serious Gongye Mengyue, Interrogating Yu Qisi

The Demon Emperor World.

Ye Changge ended his lecture.

After he obtained the refining method, he had been cultivating earnestly.

At the beginning, he only wanted to refine a World Barrier to give himself a sense of security.

But after today’s experience, he discovered something. He did not know when it had happened, but he had fallen in love with refining.

Teaching this group of refiners felt very good, and Ye Changge liked it very much.

He had already decided that when he returned to the Heavenly Mortal World, he would gather a group of refiners, or he would form an organization similar to the Myriad Flowers World’s refiners alliance.

Looking at the respectful and excited expressions of those refiners, Ye Changge clapped his hands.

“Everyone, go cultivate your spiritual senses and cultivate your own demonic flames.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards Gongye Mengyue and the others.

“Master, your abilities are indeed extraordinary. Your attainments in the path of artifact refinement are profound!”

Su Yueming did not hesitate at all and outwardly praised him.

Ye Changge did not show any modesty and nodded.

The corner of Gongye Mengyue’s mouth curled up slightly.

“Master, I’m tired. I wonder what do you think of our eastern region’s demon mansion’s artifact refinement hall?”

“It’s pretty good. I can feel the enthusiasm of these people.”

Ye Changge felt pretty good when he was lecturing just now, so he praised them.

Su Yueming went with the flow. “Master, why don’t you guide our weapon refining hall’s weapon refiners here? Our eastern region’s demon mansion will definitely offer you the best conditions.”

Gongye Mengyue raised her hand to block Su Yueming’s words.

“Master, you’ve been tired out today. Go and rest first. We’ll talk later.”

Although Ye Changge was somewhat surprised by her actions, he did not say much and directly returned to the place he had been living.

After he returned, Su Yueming asked with puzzlement.

“Demon lord, why did you caution me just now?”

Gongye Mengyue had a serious look on her face. “We’ve all underestimated Master Ye’s value. I have to make good preparations.”

“Demon lord, you’re thinking of something?” Su Yueming clearly understood something.

Gongye Mengyue nodded. “That’s right. I have to prepare well. I have to take stock of what conditions we can offer.”

She planned to use the best conditions she could offer to attract Ye Changge.

The entire eastern region’s demon mansion’s weapon refining hall was personally established by her. She knew all the high-level weapon refiners inside.

She knew very well how arrogant and powerful her own refiners were.

Even Gongye Mengyue herself could not make them respect her that much.

But Ye Changge had done it.

Moreover, whether it was a master or an apprentice, they were

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