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The middle-aged man and the feminine man who had been discussing in the dark turned pale.

They were the two great clans in Star Cluster City that were second only to the Wang clan. They had their own plans.

After witnessing such a shocking punch, they realized how ridiculous their previous thoughts were.

In the face of such powerful strength, those plans and schemes were worthless.

The Spirit Jade Demon Guard was truly powerful.

And this was only a slightly famous expert. If he was truly a top-notch expert of the Spirit Jade Demon Guard, wouldn’t his strength be even greater?

The demon cultivators were still in shock when the sound of a sword rang out in everyone’s ears.

An indescribable sword qi suddenly shot out from the youth standing in front of the city lord’s residence.

The sword qi was extremely clear and bright. It looked extremely condensed, but there was no killing intent.

All the demonic cultivators only had one thought when they saw the sword qi. It was sharp.


A blazing light rose and enveloped the entire Star Cluster City.

All of a sudden, all the demonic cultivators were unable to see clearly.

And the spiritual qi fluctuations that appeared from the collision of the sword qi and fist qi affected the spiritual qi in the city. They were also unable to use their spiritual senses to investigate the situation.

When the light dissipated, everyone could see the situation on the battlefield clearly.

All the demonic cultivators drew in a breath of cold air.

On the ground, a sword mark about 500 feet wide and more than a thousand feet long appeared on the ground.

As for Wei Wushuang and the other demonic soldiers, they had already disappeared.

They had disappeared.

This result made all the surrounding demonic cultivators break out in cold sweat.

They all knew that the Spirit Jade Demon Guards had basically run into a wall this time.

They had never asked for demon cultivators. They could use their own strength to punch Wei Wushuang, who had gathered the strength of nearly a thousand demon cavalrymen.

Why would such an expert appear in such a city?

The current situation in the Demon Emperor World was complicated.

Under this delicate situation, any movement would be quickly magnified.

Although the battle between the Spirit Jade Demon Guards and the eastern region demon mansion was only in the dark, it was still a battle of strength.

Such a battle was uneventful, but no one knew how many pairs of eyes were watching in the dark.

Wei Wushuang’s strength was naturally not worth mentioning in the face of the entire Demon Emperor World, but he was still quite famous.

As one of the best fighters of the Spirit Jade Demon Guards, he was valiant and good at fighting, and many demon cultivators knew his name.

But such an expert, leading nearly a thousand people into battle, actually died at the hands of an unknown youth.


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