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Chapter 212: The Deathly Silent World

The spiritual energy was exhausted.

Walking out of the shattered teleportation array, Ye Changge first felt that this place was a deathly silent place.

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth could be said to be negligible, even for someone as strong as him in the godly spirit realm.

It was also difficult for him to recover his cultivation through cultivation in this world.

Ye Changge also did not know what this place was.

His spiritual senses swept across ten thousand miles, but he did not find a single cultivator.

They were all mortals without any cultivation.

“System, sign-in.”

Ye Changge silently chanted in his heart.

“Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully signing into the Human Mountain World’s Freedom Palace.”

“Reward cultivation technique, Spectator’s Freedom Scripture.”

It was another cultivation technique!

Ye Changge was speechless. Previously, when he signed in the Demon Emperor World, he received cultivation techniques time and time again.

It was his first time signing in in the Ghostly Mountain World, and it was only another cultivation technique?

After taking a look, Ye Changge could not help but laugh out loud.

What a cheap cultivation technique!

“The Spectator’s Freedom Scripture can bring in an audience whenever and wherever a battle of magical powers is taking place!”

“Even if it’s a battle of magical powers in a secluded place with no one around, as long as a technique is used, an audience can be summoned.”

“These audience members are all evolving auras and have no physical bodies, but they are all miniature versions of the group of people who enjoy watching the show the most among the common people.”

“As long as the spellcaster doesn’t die, these audience members won’t die either.”

“Moreover, these audience members will always stand on the side of the spellcaster. During the fight, these audience members will naturally criticize the enemy and ridicule them.”

This cultivation technique was interesting.

Although it did not have the ability to directly harm the enemy’s body, this cultivation technique was specifically designed to attack the mind of others.

It could cause a huge blow to the mind of the enemy.

In the future, when he fought with others, not only could he beat the crap out of others, but he could also scold them until they doubted their lives.

It was simply a necessary cultivation technique in the cultivation world.

Even if he could not beat them, he could still torment them to death.

If he could beat them, he could even cause double the damage to the body and mind.

In terms of making people feel disgusted, this cultivation technique could be said to be the best in the world!

Ye Changge tried to circulate the technique. In the blink of an eye, seven or eight people appeared beside him.

Although each of them had different auras, there was no

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