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A clear and melodious song drifted far and wide, spreading across the entire battlefield.

The song seemed slow but was actually urgent. It carried a faint Dao sound, continuously affecting the vengeful spirits that were not killed.

The countless vengeful spirits gradually calmed down, as if they had obtained comfort. The resentment in their bodies slowly dissipated.

Su Yueming, Nan Mingli, and the many demon guards were all stunned.

They could feel the changes in their own bodies.

After the battle just now, their killing intent slowly calmed down.

A surge of righteous energy slowly replaced the boiling killing intent in their hearts.

Nan Mingli’s eyes were wide open.

She was the strongest among the people present besides Ye Changge.

Her ability to feel and control her body was also the strongest.

Now that the song had sounded, her state of mind cultivation was also slowly increasing.

Although the increase was very slight, it could be felt.

This was very terrifying!

In the demon race, a lot of cultivation relied on one’s own talent.

Even now with the demon mansion and all kinds of inheritances, there were still a lot of demon cultivators who relied on their own talent and divine abilities.

This also caused their state of mind’s cultivation to be even lower than their own strength and realm. Many demon cultivators even found it difficult to display their full strength.

“If this senior joins the eastern region’s demon mansion, not only can he strengthen our weapon refining abilities, but he can also increase the combat strength of many demon cultivators!”

As the commander-in-chief of the eastern region’s demon mansion, Nan Mingli could easily understand the powerful effects of Ye Changge’s power.

“This weapon refining master is not only powerful, but he can also sing?”

“His singing ability is so amazing, he can actually appease these vengeful souls?”

“I wonder what level he’s at.”

“It doesn’t matter what level he is. He’s very strong.”

The soldiers discussed animatedly, and the Wang family disciples were full of admiration.

Unlike them, Su Yueming was shocked, but she was also wary and worried.

“With this blacksmith master’s strength, can the demon lord really take him in as a subordinate?”

She used a divine ability to tell Nan Mingli her worries.

“I don’t think so. This master is also a Great Emperor, and the demon lord is also a Great Emperor. It’s very difficult for them to have a superior-subordinate relationship.”

Nan Mingli’s expression was solemn. She thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“But we don’t have to be so worried. Even if we can’t take him in as a subordinate of the eastern region’s demon mansion, we can still work together.”

“Our eastern region’s demon mansion can be said to have the most abundant financial resources of the four great demon manors, as well as all kinds of strange treasures and materials.

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