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Ye Changge frowned slightly.

“Do you guys usually refine artifacts like this?”

“This method of handling materials, is it a common method that you guys use?”

He was very puzzled.

The way the demon refiners here handled materials shocked him greatly.

“Why are your flames so complicated? Also, why do you just burn them? What about your demonic power, doesn’t it assist the flames to extract the materials?”

Although he did not change his tone, Old Zhao was still very nervous.

Like a student who was criticized by his teacher, he respectfully asked, “Master, our flames basically come from natural abilities or some treasures. Other than increasing cultivation, it is difficult to find other ways to raise the temperature.”

The other blacksmiths also started to explain.

“Of course, we are blacksmiths. There are still some ways to make changes, such as fusing many kinds of demonic flames.”

“Yes, yes, yes. There are also some ways to fuse strange objects to increase the power of the flames.”

As they explained, Ye Changge’s brows slowly furrowed.

He shook his head.

Seeing this action, everyone stopped talking and quietly waited for his guidance.

“Your understanding of flames is too shallow. When we refine weapons, not only do we need a very high temperature, but we also need absolute control.”

Ye Changge pointed at the heart of the fire-bathing lotus refined by Old Zhao. “Although the temperature of your flames is high, it is extremely complicated. How can you control the temperature as you wish?”

“This lotus heart first needs to be roasted over a gentle flame to make the outer shell lose water and the inner shell is full of water. The outer shell will naturally crack under the pincer attack.”

“If it can be refined directly with a fierce flame, how can this material be called the Lotus Heart of Bathing Fire?”

Ye Changge began to speak with confidence and assurance, explaining to the refiners.

Everyone listened quietly.

Li Mo, who was next to him, was greatly shocked.

The cultivation of these refiners was not that great, with the exception of a few leaders. Most of them were not in the upper three realms.

But because of the shortage of refiners in the Demon Emperor sector, every one of them had a very high status.

Usually, except for a few high-level officials of the demon mansion in the eastern region, the rest of them would not care to listen.

It was this group of proud refiners who were now like humble students, listening attentively.

No one even made things difficult or hoped to test Ye Changge’s level. After just a few questions and answers, they listened attentively.

Li Mo looked at the refiners carefully, especially the three elders at the front of the team.

Qi Lianshi, Mo Yushi, and Wu Qisheng.

As the three strongest refiners in the demon mansion of the eastern region, they were very famous in the entire demon imperial sector.

Now, they

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