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Chapter 215: Departure

After returning to their rooms, Ye Changge took the opportunity to sleep.

Ever since he started cultivating, he usually meditated and cultivated at night.

At dawn, after leaving the remaining gold and silver and one pill that could extend one’s life and strengthen one’s body to the maidservant, Ye Changge and Ning Manman set off for a place that was more than 100,000 miles away.

Neither of them intended to enter a mortal city on the way. Since gold and silver were useless to them, they might as well leave it to the maid so that she could live a good life in the mortal world.

The pills were the reward Ye Changge left for her.

He would not mistreat those who had helped him.

Ye Changge took Ning Manman and flew away on his sword.

Since the spiritual energy of the entire world was gathered there, there was naturally no need to continue conserving spiritual energy.

It would naturally recover wherever it went.

Along the way, Ning Manman was chattering away, talking about the past of this world.

The place they had just passed was a small sect called the Light Wind and Bright Moon Sect. Unfortunately, it had now become a bandit’s stronghold.

They passed by some ruins. In the past, where had there been a good treasure? The belongings of a few sects were scattered all over the ground. In the end, they were picked up by an itinerant cultivator who ran away.

They flew past the home of the founder of a large sect. That sect used to be famous everywhere. In the end, the disciples of several generations did not live up to their expectations. In the end, they declined and eventually died out.

As she continued to speak, Ning Manman’s words became less and less, and her cries gradually rose.

She missed home.

She could not go back.

Ye Changge stroked her head and did not speak.

At this time, words were the most powerless thing.

She could only learn to bear it.

Every strong person would lose a lot of things that were once precious to him along the way.

This was growth.


Suddenly, Ning Manman said with a choked voice. She looked down and was born in a daze.

There was a cave there. It was pitch black.

Ye Changge did not know what there was to see, but he still stopped.

Ning Manman’s eyes were filled with anger, regret, sadness, joy, and finally calmness.

After a long time.

Ning Manman said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Changge continued to fly on his sword.

He did not ask what had happened there.

It was definitely something very big, something that could change her life.

“It’s there.”

Ning Manman suddenly said. Ye Changge was stunned. “Oh?”

“That’s the place. I represented the sect to participate in a trial for young disciples who didn’t care about life and death. In the end, when I was breaking through inside, I was invaded by extraterrestrial devils.

“I killed many people. All of them were important disciples

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