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Chapter 218: Cultivation Gu Scripture

“Myriad Gu Heaven Mending Scripture”

It was a cultivation technique that was found in the Hidden Edge Sect’s scripture depository.

It was called a Gu scripture, but after being tamed by this cultivation technique, all Gu worms would have a new ability.

The Heaven Mending Scripture, as its name implied, was to repair the heavens.

After cultivating this cultivation technique, the Gu worms would retain their original ability and gain healing abilities.

And this healing ability could not only affect the Gu worm itself, it could also affect the target of the Gu worm.

It was very easy to improve this cultivation method.

Myriad Gu Scripture.

The more Gu you raise, the stronger they become.

This strength not only increased the Gu worm’s healing ability, but also the host’s cultivation speed.

It was a very unorthodox but very powerful cultivation method.

But it had a fatal flaw.

Thus, the Gu worm’s attack ability would not increase.

It was basically a powerful support, and its attack skills could be ignored.

Thus, not only could this solve the temporary emergency, it could also satisfy Mo Ling’s conditions.

It could become a powerhouse.

The speed of cultivating the basic cultivation method was very shocking, as long as you could consume enough Gu worms.

One’s cultivation speed would be very, very fast.

If one’s cultivation was high, no one would dare to provoke him.

How could he not be considered a powerhouse?

After Ye Changge began to teach Mo Ling to cultivate the Myriad Gu Heaven Mending Scripture, he also successfully received the reward for taking in a disciple.

“The first time I taught disciple ‘Mo Ling’ to cultivate, the reward is the disciple’s divine weapon [ Imminent Youth ] , and the master’s divine weapon [ Heavenly Looking Glass ] .”

A simple and unadorned bronze mirror appeared in his interspatial ring. Ye Changge scanned it with his spiritual senses and understood how to use it.

He could observe any area within ten thousand miles once a day.

He could ignore formations.

He could ignore illusions.

However, he could only use it once a day, and the display range was only a few miles in circumference.

It was like a drink of water after a long drought.

Ye Changge was just worrying about how to resolve the ambush in the Emperor’s palace.

However, this was really making him complacent.

It was too comfortable.

With his disciple leading the way, he was eliminating some places that ordinary people could go to.

Ye Changge was soon able to find out how many experts were hiding in the entire Emperor’s palace.

However, Ye Changge did not spread the news. He planned to use this to do his own probing first.

Did Mo Ling really want to learn from him, or was she here to harm him?

If he was trying to harm him, then he would use her and the people of Great Xia or get rid of her.

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