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Chapter 200: His Strength Was Not Bad, But It Was Still Not Enough

Ye Changge carefully sized up the people who came.

There were four demon cultivators, and one of them was a man with long hair. He was holding a flagon of wine and looked reckless.

One of them was wearing a cloak and his entire person was covered by a long veil.

There was another person with white hair and a stubble, looking unrestrained.

The last person had two horns on his head and a calm expression.

Nan Mingli’s expression changed. “I received a secret order from the demon lord of the eastern region to bring you back to Demon Consort City. Are you, the Spirit Jade Demon Guard, going to stop me?”

“Haha, look at what you’re saying. When did your eastern region’s demon mansion grow so strong? We, the Spirit Jade Demon Guard, have to interfere in these matters too.”

The stubble-bearded person was the first to respond.

“Bu Rufei, how dare you directly resist the demon lord’s orders?”

Su Yueming questioned with a serious expression.

The other party was clearly prepared and did not think much of the two women.

“I wonder if this master is willing to come with us, the Spirit Jade Demon Guards? Our demon lord actually also wants to resolve the misunderstanding between the two sides.”

Ye Changge smiled faintly and ignored the other party.

He was somewhat interested in the following battle.

This Bu Rufei did not look at Nan Mingli and Su Yueming. He was an expert who had broken through.

This could only mean one thing, and that was that the strength of this group of Spirit Jade Demon Guards was even stronger.

This was an opportunity to understand the strength of the demon cultivators in the Demon Emperor sector. Ye Changge would not stop them.

On the contrary, he wanted to see the two of them fight. This way, he would be able to understand the strength of the two factions the fastest.

“Master, don’t think that the two of them can stop us.”

Bu Rufei was not angry when he saw that Ye Changge did not reply.

“Although Nan Mingli is very strong, we still have so many people. As for Su Yueming, her strength is not enough.”

When he finished speaking, both Su Yueming and Nan Mingli had strange expressions on their faces.

The two demons turned to look at Ye Changge, then turned to look at Bu Rufei and the others.

Bu Rufei seemed to have some doubts about the behavior of the two women.

However, he did not receive a response, so he was a little embarrassed.

“Master, as long as you come to our Spirit Jade Demon Guards, we will provide you with all kinds of beautiful things, resources, and cultivation techniques.”

Seeing that the communication had reached an impasse, the middle-aged man with the wine pot joined in the persuasion.

“The two of you don’t need to persuade me. You two can fight first. As for me, I don’t want to go.”

The man who was drinking was not angry. In his opinion, peo

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