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Ye Changge followed Su Yueming to the warehouse of the easterm region’s demon mansion.

“Sir, this is the warehouse. The materials here are quite good.”

Su Yueming stood in front of the pile of materials and explained.

Ye Changge looked at the huge pile of materials, looked at Su Yueming, who was petite, and smiled.

As expected of the demon mansion of the eastern region. Even if it was just auxiliary materials for refining weapons, it was still very difficult to have collected so many.

The warehouse manager respectfully stood by the side.

“The master is here to choose the materials. Do whatever he asks you to do.”

“Yes, sir!”

The warehouse manager glanced at Ye Changge and respectfully lowered his head.

Ye Changge swept his gaze over this warehouse. There were probably more than a hundred thousand types of materials piled up like mountains, one after another.

He seemed to be strolling leisurely as he walked past the hills, his spiritual senses scanning the properties of those materials.

Not long after, a few materials flew out from the hills and floated behind Ye Changge.

The warehouse manager immediately registered the names of the materials.

They were personally brought here by Su Yueming, and he even claimed to be a master figure. His status was definitely high.

Most importantly, even though Ye Changge was currently selecting materials, Su Yueming did not want to leave. Instead, she waited beside the warehouse.

The warehouse manager knew what this meant.

Ye Changge was definitely an honored guest!

He had to be careful and treat everything seriously.

After about four hours, Ye Changge had explored the entire warehouse.

“Come and identify these materials.”

He stopped and said to the warehouse manager behind him.

“Master, I’ve already recorded them,” The warehouse manager bowed and said.

Ye Changge was a little surprised.

It seemed that the demon lord of the eastern region was quite strict. A warehouse manager’s quality was also so high.

Ye Changge pointed at the materials one by one and said the quantity he needed.

When he pointed to the last few materials, he found that the warehouse manager’s expression was bitter.

“Why? Is the number not enough?”

“I wouldn’t dare lie to you, sir. It is indeed not enough. This item is quite rare, and the inventory is only about one-tenth of it.”

The warehouse manager said, sobbing.

Su Yueming’s expression darkened.

She moved closer to take a look. When she saw the two items, “Ardent fire flower, moonlight orchid,” she immediately fell silent.

When she saw the numbers behind the materials, she became even more speechless.

Seeing their expressions, Ye Changge was a little puzzled.

He waved his hand casually, and two flowers flew out from the pile of materials.

“What do you call these two materials?”

“Sir, these two kinds of flowers, the red one is called jade flower, and th

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