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Chapter 213: The Young Demoness, Ning Manman!

“What is it? I just happened to walk in.”

Ye Changge pretended to be flustered, as if he was frightened by her ferocious appearance. His voice was also trembling.

He looked like a mortal who had accidentally entered this place.

“Still pretending?”

The little girl had a disdainful look. She stood up and walked in front of Ye Changge and said, “Do you really think I can’t see that you have cultivation? You’re still too young to lie to me. I am Ning Manman!”


Ye Changge regretted it.

If he had known earlier, he would not have used his spiritual power to shatter the door.

By pretending to be a mortal, he should have been able to get more information from her.

‘Since things have already come to this, I won’t pretend anymore. I’ll lay my cards on the table!’

Ye Changge unscrupulously let go of his pretences, and at the same time, he activated the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture.

The pressure from the divine realm immediately made Ning Manman’s heart palpitate. After seeing the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture, her eyes widened.

“You… You’re a disciple of the Freedom Palace? Are the people of the Freedom Palace not all dead? How are things outside? How many people are there in the Freedom Palace?”

Ning Manman’s questions were like a series of shots from a cannon.

Ignoring Ye Changge’s terrifying presence, she grabbed his collar, and her face was very close to his. She was very emotional.

“The Freedom Palace is already gone, and the spiritual energy in the entire mountainous realm is on the verge of drying up. There shouldn’t be any other cultivators.”

Ye Changge said softly.

After hearing this, Ning Manman’s expression was filled with regret, and her voice began to tremble as if she had become a completely different person.

She was no longer as crazy, cruel, and cold-blooded as before.

On the contrary, she looked like a young girl. Her voice was clear and melodious, and she cried out like a bird, “Sob, sob… Grandma, I’m sorry…”

Her cries were filled with true emotion, and even Ye Changge felt a trace of sadness for her.

“It’s all in the past, Manman.”

Among the audience summoned by the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture, the old woman looked at Ning Manman with a kind expression.

Ye Changge was very puzzled. The Freedom Palace’s martial arts were a little strange.

A person who had been dead for many years was still able to occupy the spiritual energy gathered by the martial arts and converse with people across space.

As expected of the most repellant kind of martial arts in the history of time.

The old woman seemed to have seen through Ye Changge’s thoughts and spoke with a smile.

“It’s just that the remnants of my soul that I deliberately left behind back then sensed the combination of the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture and the characters in it. After this, my soul will completely disappear.”


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