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Chapter 198: Demon Consort City

“If the demon lord knew that this senior would come, he would definitely be overjoyed,” Su Yueming said excitedly.

Ye Changge said, “Then I won’t beat around the bush about the matter of Star Cluster City. I want to sell the spirit lands and mineral veins here to the eastern region’s demon mansion.”

“No problem,” Su Yueming agreed without any hesitation.

“We’re willing to buy it at a price higher than the market price. What do you think, senior?”

Ye Changge nodded. “Sure.”

“Senior, do you want the materials or the Demon Emperor coins?”

“The materials, as high-quality as possible.”

This answer was within Su Yueming’s expectations.

Blacksmiths persistently pursued materials.

Very soon, Ye Changge called Wang Bing over.

“Wang Bing, how many people does your Wang family have?”

“Sir, we have a total of 500 demon cultivators.”

“Then tell them to pack up. We will set off for Yaofei city in a short while.”


Wang Bing’s spirit was elevated.

He had wanted to leave a long time ago. If he stayed here, he would definitely encounter revenge from the Spirit Jade Demon Guards in the future.

After hearing that Ye Changge was willing to head to the eastern demon mansion, Gongye Mengyue immediately sent experts to rush over to protect them, every hour of day and night.

With the addition of Su Yueming’s team, the number of guards following them increased rapidly. The team was vast and mighty.

Because of the Wang family’s elders, weak members, women, and children, the team did not advance very quickly.

Ye Changge was not in a hurry either. He stayed in the Emperor’s flying ship every day, absorbing all kinds of energy to constantly repair his body.

He had almost completely absorbed all the energy in the vicinity of Star Cluster City. If he continued to absorb it, it was very likely that Star Cluster City would become a barren land.

This was something Ye Changge did not want to see.

Along the way, he continued to absorb all kinds of energy. In addition to the treasures Su Yueming sent over, Ye Changge’s body recovered a lot.

He had refined the three netherworld demon fruits and they provided him with a lot of energy.

This kind of progress made him quite satisfied.

During the rest of the journey, he taught Ah Hu and the other Wang family’s youths to cultivate.

Apart from daily cultivation, he also taught the Wang family’s disciples some battle formations.

During the confrontation with the Blood Flame Sect, Ye changge realized the formidable use of battle formations.

After such a period of time, he also had done his own research on battle formations. He could use this group of demon cultivators as an experiment.

Apart from that, Ye Changge had also refined magic treasures for the Wang family’s disciples.

Each of them had a magic treasure in their hands, and they were fully armed. This made the accompan

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