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Demon Emperor sector, demon mansion of the eastern region.

Ye Changge cultivated for a while and refined the materials he obtained into pills to repair his body once again.

When everything was ready, he took a look at Ah Hu’s situation, the Wang family’s situation, and that of the others before arriving at the Earth Fire Refining Workshop.

At that time, when he came here, he was busy lecturing those refiners. He had forgotten to sign-in.

Although from that exchange, he also learned a lot of things. Those were all refining techniques that the refiners of the Heavenly Mortal World did not know.

When he first came to this earth fire refining ground, he discovered the differences here.

This time, he came specially to sign-in.

When Ye Changge came here, he received a warm welcome.

Thousands of demon cultivators who were refining artifacts here bowed respectfully.

“System, sign-in.”

Ye Changge silently chanted in his heart.

“Ding! Congratulations, host, sign-in successful.”

“Congratulations, host, for obtaining the [ Demonic Fire for Nerve Formation ] .”

Ye Changge was startled.

Could it be another cultivation technique?

Ever since he came to this Demon Emperor World, every time he came to a slightly special new place, the reward he received when he signed-in seemed to be a cultivation technique.

The first time he checked in at the Death Aura Forest, he had obtained several cultivation techniques.

Could this be another cultivation technique?

Ye Changge’s gaze swept across the refining field, but in reality, his mind was immersed in the system rewards.

“Demonic Fire for Nerve Formation. It can collect all the strange flames in the world, enlighten them, or turn them into demons.”

“All the flames can be fused to form a strange fire demon.”

“The strength and ability of a fire demon depends on the nature of the demonic fire.”

This was actually a secret technique to nurture fire demons.

Ye Changge was happy.

With this secret technique, he could obtain even more powerful flames. Not only could he use them to fight enemies, but he could also strengthen his refining techniques.

Ye Changge’s mind expanded, and he summoned his own spiritual fire.

The dancing flames had different fluctuations, and there were several rings of different colors. It seemed to have its own spirituality.

This spiritual fire did not have a name. It was a flame that he had been looking for since he had just started refining in the Heavenly Mortal World.

After being nurtured and improved by him, the power of this flame was already very strong.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Changge activated the Demonic Fire for Nerve Formation and began to light up the spiritual fire.


The flame kept fluctuating, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller.

His every move was being watched by the refiners of the refining hall.

The flame was very powerful to begin wit

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