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Chapter 219: Mysterious Stone Egg

The auction did not end until the evening.

Apart from that strange big stone, nothing else could catch Ye Changge’s attention.

These were all things that could be used by low-level cultivators.

Ye Changge did not care about them at all.

After leaving the auction, Ye Changge brought Ning Manman and Mo Ling back to the inn.

He booked another room, and after settling the two of them down, he began to carefully examine this strange stone.

Other than devouring the spirit, there was nothing else special about it.

He channeled his spiritual power into it, but there was no reaction at all.

Ye Changge fed some more spiritual power into it, and as if it had eaten its fill, the thing could not seem to consume anymore.

“There can’t be something else inside, right?”

After hesitating for a while, Ye Changge still did not choose to smash it open.

Anyway, his interspatial ring was very big, so he did not lack a place for this stone.

After stuffing it in, Ye Changge continued to cultivate.

The road was long and arduous.

There were still many realms above the god level.

Ye Changge had never been arrogant and complacent because of this, and he still cultivated diligently every day.

After coming to the Human Mountain World, Ye Changge had experienced many emotions.

It was very similar to his previous Heavenly Mortal World, and they were both special small worlds.

They could give birth to heaven and earth strange objects.

However, the Heavenly Mortal World was luckier than him because it was far away from the strongest world known to the Great Xia World.

It would not be robbed of heaven and earth treasures.

It would not be invaded by those extremely powerful experts who were above the godly spirit realm.

However, no one could guarantee that the Great Xia World would not discover the Heavenly Mortal World.

Before that, he could only work hard in cultivation.

Otherwise, if he was invaded and robbed of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar, the world would definitely collapse and the entire world would be destroyed.

Of course, the Hidden Edge Sect would naturally not be spared.

Thinking of this, Ye Changge sat cross-legged and continued to cultivate.

A night passed in the blink of an eye.

A night passed, and the stone in the interspatial ring underwent an earth-shattering change.

The stone that was hard on the outside crumbled into powder, revealing a pure white egg inside.

Ye Changge had just taken it out, and he hurriedly put a few drops of blood to it so it could recognize him as its master before stuffing it back.

Now, this egg was actually able to actively absorb the surrounding spiritual sense!

Even someone as powerful as him, who was at the god level, was unable to stop him from absorbing his spiritual power.

In just a short while, Ye Changge had already lost half of his spiritual power.

This w

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