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The Heavenly Mortal World.

Through the Emperor Artifact Formation, Yu Tianxing carefully observed that group of outer realm experts.

That group of people had been here for a long time.

This made her feel that something was not right.

If it was an ordinary attacker, they would either realize that they could not defeat them after a long time and immediately give up…

Or they would call for reinforcements and obtain even more powerful offensive abilities.

However, this group of people did nothing. They continued what they were doing and attacked the World Barrier incessantly.

As the strongest array formation that Ye Changge left behind in the Heavenly Mortal World, its defensive ability was without a doubt.

With the attacks of these foreign experts, no matter what they were doing, it was impossible for them to break through the World Barrier.

“Sister, are you frowning? Did you discover something?”

Li Shiyi was truly curious and began to ask Yu Tianxing what she had discovered.

“I discovered that these people might have other motives, but I still don’t know what those motives are.”

Yu Tianxing answered truthfully.

Then, she explained her deduction to Li Shiyi.

Li Shiyi pondered for a moment and asked, “Sister, do you think that if I go out and fight those people, that person hiding behind the scenes will take action?”

He seemed to be eager to try.

After all, the current Heavenly Mortal World seemed to be extremely peaceful. And as a disciple of the Hidden Edge Sect and the successor of Reclining Firewood Peak, no one dared to fight with him.

This made Li Shiyi, who was a sword cultivator, itch for a fight.

“We don’t know how strong the unseen power is. If his strength exceeds mine, I won’t be able to save you.”

Hearing this, Li Shiyi was very discouraged.

“Sister, let me go.”

At this moment, Ye Xingchen’s voice sounded.

“I’m the star of this Heavenly Mortal World. Isn’t my primary body very big? They won’t be able to take me away.”

“And I’m near the World Barrier. Once I sense danger, I’ll reveal my primary body. I can hold on for a while no matter what.”

Ye Xingchen’s voice was very unique, gentle and magnetic.

Yu Tianxing’s eyes lit up.

Ever since Ye Changge took in their fourth brother, he had basically been under Yu Tianxing’s care.

Yu Tianxing was very clear about Ye Xingchen’s strength.

Most importantly, as he had said, he was not afraid that the other party would take other actions.

Before he had seriously cultivated, he had been able to withstand the bombardment of the grand array of Ye Changge’s World Barrier. Now, his defense was even more astonishing.

Li Shiyi thought of the scheming people outside and what their expressions would be like when they saw a huge star coming up.

“Haha, sure, sure. Brother, your body is special. When you go out, you’ll definitely give them a surprise. I’ll leave the idea of fighting to yo

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