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Chapter 203: Gongye Mengyue

No one came forward to stop them. The team arrived at the Demon Consort City without any danger.

After entering the inner city, they arrived in front of a magnificent palace.

“Senior, this is the demon lord’s mansion of the eastern region. Please disembark, senior!”

Su Yueming seemed to have dressed up. She was dressed luxuriously as she came under the flying ship and invited Ye Changge out.

Ye Changge, who had finished his meditation, walked out. He looked at the towering palace and used his divine sense to inspect it.

He looked away. “I’ll have to trouble everyone to escort me.”

Su Yueming hurriedly bowed. “I don’t deserve it. Senior is very powerful. We’re only here to serve. Sorry for making a fool out of you, Senior.”

Beside her, Nan Mingli was still dressed as a commander, and her words were even more straightforward.

“Senior is very powerful, we only led the way. Please enter the residence, the demon lord will hold a banquet to entertain you.”

Ye Changge did not say much, and brought Ah Hu, Wang Bing, and the others into the demon residence.

Nan Mingli and Su Yueming had to report to the demon lord of the Eastern Region first, and the two of them did not travel together.

At this moment, a messenger soldier quickly approached the two of them.

“Report! A demon citizen discovered an anomaly in the Lu Yu mountain range, and found a huge hole underground, with a dead Bodhi tree inside!”

“According to our investigation, the deceased is confirmed to be a Spirit Jade Demon Guard, Bu Rufei! This news has also been reported to the demon lord.”

Hearing these words, Nan Mingli and Su Yueming’s eyes widened.

They turned around in shock and looked at Ye Changge’s back, who was being led by a maid. They could not speak.

After passing through layers of rocks and flowing water, countless resplendent palaces and buildings, Ye Changge and the others were led to a palace.

The palace was majestic and otherworldly, exuding an air of nobility. On the plaque, there were three words, “Rising Fire Hall”.

Ye Changge entered the main hall, and the Wang family’s group was all arranged to enter the branch hall.

Not long after, a maid came over to report, “Sir, the demon lord will come over to see you in a moment.”

Ye Changge nodded, indicating that he understood.

He did not expect that the eastern region demon lord would place so much importance on him, personally coming over.

Not long after, a long shout came from outside.

“The demon lord of the eastern region has arrived!”

“Gongye Mengyue requests to see Mister Ye.”

The voice was graceful and mellow, and it was extremely moving.

There were many guests staying in the demon lord’s residence of the eastern region.

When they heard that the demon lord of the Eastern Region had personally come to a side hall and requested to see him, they could not help but be interested.

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