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When Lu Yu opened the gift box, the contents inside shocked him.

Inside the box, there was a ruyi lying quietly.

He picked up the ruyi in a daze.

As soon as he touched it, a cold feeling came from the ruyi.

The Lu family was in the appraisal business to begin with, so he had a good eye for magical equipment.

Exquisite blue patterns appeared on the icy blue brilliant demon stone. These were patterns that only appeared after the brilliant demon stone had been perfectly refined.

The silver threads that weaved through them were as thin as hair, and they were pieces of pelleted silver.

Pelleted silver was famous for its extremely difficult refinement. To be able to refine such a thing to such a fine level, the standards required was truly shocking.

And on top of that magic treasure, there were mysterious dao patterns. Although Lu Yu did not know what that was, he knew that it was the source of the magic treasure’s formidable power.

No matter from which aspect, this ruyi was a good magic treasure.

Almost at first glance, Lu Yu knew that this ruyi must be a top-grade magic treasure.

Such a magic treasure’s value must be greater than the materials he had given today.

If it was not for the fact that this magic treasure was in his hands right now, he would not believe his eyes.

The business of the Lu family was not big, so he rarely encountered such high-quality goods.

“Would that senior give such a magic treasure as a gift in return?”

He was a little incredulous.

He wondered if the servant who had gone to give the gift had taken it by mistake.

He had been tossing and turning all night. He had been thinking about whether or not he should send the item back.

He had not slept all night. The next day, his eyes were red as he planned to go to the city lord’s mansion.

On the way, he received a piece of shocking news.

Everyone received a magical treasure in return!

Moreover, everyone’s magical treasure was a high-quality product.

“How is this possible?”

Lu Yu’s first reaction was suspicion.

“How much does it cost?”

His second reaction was shock.

Magical equipment of this level required a lot of money.

But very soon, he fell into deep thought again.

“That mysterious expert, not only is he powerful, but he is also a refiner?”

Very soon, Lu Yu realized that this might be an opportunity.

He quickly ran over to his home. His heart was incomparably excited.

Very soon, he took a high-grade material from his family’s collection and sent it to the city lord’s mansion.

He was not the only demon cultivator who realized this.

Ye Changge’s method was very effective.

After throwing out one magic treasure after another, the number of materials sent by those forces obviously increased, and the starting grade also increased.

He was not stingy either. The higher the grade of the materials he received, the higher the grade of the magic

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