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Chapter 216: Asking for Information

Ning Manman clung to Ye Changge’s arm for the whole night.

She would not let go for anything.

The sun rose with the crowing of chickens and the chirping of birds.

Ye Changge, who had been meditating for the whole night, woke Ning Manman, who was sleeping on his arm.

“Wake up, go out and ask for some information.”


Ning Manman frowned and continued to sleep.

Seeing that she still wanted to sleep in, Ye Changge laughed evilly.

“Manman, I’ve already taken down the Great Xia. I’ve killed all your enemies.”

Her reaction was instant.

Ning Manman’s killing intent was overflowing. Her eyes were filled with fury as she glared at Ye Changge.

It was as if a ferocious beast that was about to devour someone wanted to fight Ye Changge to the death.

It seemed that the matter related to her grandma was the only thing that could unite Ning Manman’s two souls.

Speaking of enemies…

Even the innocent soul was filled with anger.

As for her kind grandmother, even the female demon who had killed countless people would consciously restrain her killing intent.

She pretended to be a good child.

Seeing that Ye Changge was joking, Ning Manman in her female demon form grabbed Ye Changge’s collar,

“Do you want to die?!”

“Can you kill me? You can’t even get rid of a single strand of hair. It’s not good for children to not kill but talk highly of themselves, isn’t it?”

Ye Changge knew that it was Ning Manman who killed without blinking, so he deliberately said these words to provoke her.

He wanted to provoke her rebellious heart.

At the very least, she was willing to cultivate and become stronger.

Last night, she slept the whole night, but she was also unwilling to meditate and cultivate.

Perhaps she was unwilling to cultivate the cultivation technique of the Freedom Palace, or she was afraid that becoming stronger would attract enemies and cause trouble for herself.

In the current world, cultivation was the foundation of everything.

Without cultivation, nothing could be accomplished.

Right now, she was just waiting to help her take revenge.

It was not that Ye Changge was unwilling to help her take revenge, but she felt that it was not good for her to grow up like this.

Sigh, it was really tiring to take care of the child.

Ning Manman wasn’t a fool either.

Being able to resist the invasion of the heavenly demon proved that she was different from other cultivators. The outer realm heavenly demons were all very powerful, and ordinary cultivators could not even think of corrupting them, let alone occupying them.

However, she resisted the heavenly demon occupying her body. Only a portion of her soul was polluted, and she did not completely fall into the heavenly demon state.

It could be seen how unique she was.

After listening to Ye Changge’s words, Ning Manman also understood his thoughts.


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