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Chapter 206: Ye Changge’s Guidance

The Demon Emperor World.

Ye Changge had just finished his cultivation.

He did not expect Su Yueming to send so many materials the next day.

This was enough for him to repair most of his body.

This meant that he could already display the strength of a god.

At this moment when the Demon Emperor had not appeared, he was already the strongest fighting force in the entire Demon Emperor World.

Although there might be some hidden old monsters, Ye Changge did not think that they would reach the realm of gods.

Otherwise, now that the successor of the Demon Emperor had appeared, it was impossible for the four demon mansion’s demon lords to compete here.

Ye Changge stretched his body and came to the outside of the hall.

He needed to check the level of the refiners here and also take a look at the refining techniques here.

“Master, I’m a guard sent by the demon lord. You can call me Li Mo. Please ask me anything, master.”

If Su Yueming could not come, Gongye Mengyue was sure to specially sent a guard to welcome Ye Changge.

“Then take me to the refining hall to have a look.”


Not long after, Ye Changge was brought to a valley.

The earth fire here was raging. Ye Changge roughly scanned it and found that more than a thousand earth fires were burning.

As expected of the Demon Emperor World… they had such a strange place.

Ye Changge couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

The longer he had been in the Demon Emperor World, the more he could understand the differences here.

The spiritual energy here was dense, and demonic energy pervaded the air. All kinds of cultivation methods were flourishing.

Similarly, Ye Changge was very much looking forward to the higher level great worlds.

At the same time, he was also looking forward to the emergence of the Heavenly Mortal World and watching it grow into a top-tier world.

“This is that master?”

“He’s so young. Does he really have such great abilities?”

“Go, go, go. For such an expert, isn’t it natural for him to look young?”

“Don’t forget that my true form is a concentric ape. I can see through the bone age of others. This master can’t be more than forty years old.”

Once these words were said, the many demonic cultivators who were discussing just now all stopped what they were doing.

Ye Changge was also a little surprised. He did not expect that there was actually someone here who could see through his age through innate abilities.

Although he did not hide it, it was truly amazing to be able to see through the circulation of spiritual power of a godly spirit expert and see through the age of the bones in his body.

“How dare you! You actually dare to casually look into the secrets of a master!”

After Li Mo felt the shock, he reacted and his expression changed greatly.

When Ye Changge saw the fear on the monkey’s face, he waved his hand.

“It is such a

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