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Chapter 214: The Seal of Human Mountain

Ning Manman acted as if she did not hear anything. She was still trying her best to touch her grandmother’s figure.

How could a phantom formed by spiritual energy have a physical body?

This was destined to be a futile effort.

However, Ning Manman still refused to give up. Time after time, time after time.

The old woman had also been comforting her, exhorting her to live well in the future.

As for the soul in her body that was full of killing intent…

That was also her child.

A mother would not despise her child just because she was ugly.

Then as a grandmother, she would also not disown her child just because she was polluted by the heavenly demon.

As for the people she killed, she had never killed her fellow disciples from the beginning till the end. In the future, with Ye Changge’s care, it would be even more impossible for her to wantonly kill people.

From the old woman’s point of view, what was there to dislike?

Reunions were always short-lived, and life was more about separation.

The old woman’s remaining soul would eventually come to an end, and she would become a real audience member in the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture.

Ning Manman would never hear her grandmother’s exhortations and hopes again.

Only the indifferent audience members were quietly staring at her.

“Give grandmother to me!”

The weeping girl suddenly went crazy. The simple and obedient girl went underwater once more. Now, the body was dominated by the cruel and merciless she-devil.

Just like how their grandma loved her two granddaughters, the two completely opposite souls also loved their grandma.

Both of them could not accept the fact that their grandma had disappeared.

In grief and indignation, they chose to attack Ye Changge.

Ye Changge understood Ning Manman’s thoughts. The Spectator’s Freedom Scripture was a technique that would only be activated when fighting with others. So as long as they attacked him, the ‘audience’ would speak.

The grandmother who was just a spectator would definitely be able to speak as well!


Ye Changge sighed softly and put away the operating Spectator’s Freedom Scripture. Ning Manman was charging towards him and he casually waved his hand, knocking her out.

He wanted her to have a good rest and calm down.

Ye Changge knew that this reality would be hard to accept for a while, but since things had already come to this, he had to accept it.

Just like after making an irreparable wrong decision, one still had to bear the consequences.

After losing a loved one, one could only bear the grief of reminiscing and live one’s own life.

Ning Manman’s body was very small. Ye Changge dragged her and squatted down. After walking a section, he carried her on his shoulders and walked out of the stone tower.

After leaving with Ning Manman, the stone tower seemed to have completed its mission and coll

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