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Chapter 174: The Two Emperors Came From the Outer Realm

After this explanation, Sect Leader Ding was prepared for what would happen next.

“Heavenly Star Emperor, the strongest Emperor in the Heavenly Mortal World. She’s now a member of the Hidden Edge Sect.”

He muttered to himself in disbelief.

After all, before the Hidden Edge Sect had been one of the top ten sects in the eastern region when it was at its strongest.

This was true even though it had been hiding its strength for so many years, hiding its trump cards.

But now, not only did it have an Emperor, but it also had a pair of Emperors.

One of them was even known as the strongest Emperor in the Heavenly Mortal World for so many years.

How could he not be shocked?

“In that case, our Hidden Edge Sect is deserving to be the number one sect in the Heavenly Mortal World.”

As Sect Leader Ding spoke, he exchanged a glance with Abbot Qing Cang. Both of them were filled with excitement.

He quickly arrived at the main hall with Qing Cang.

Here, the people were all outer realm experts who had come to watch the battle.

As experts from various worlds, they had originally only come to collect information.

However, Yu Tianxing’s previous performance was indeed very intimidating.

No one dared to refuse her invitation.

“Everyone, this is the current leader of our Hidden Edge Sect. We were delayed earlier, so we have neglected you.”

Qing Cang and Sect Leader Ding entered and began to introduce each other.

“This is a powerful being from the Mountain Martial World, Jiayu the Venerable, a quasi-emperor.”

“No, no, no. A little quasi-emperor doesn’t dare to call himself powerful.”

The venerable Jiayu’s words were sincere.

First, there were forty-nine quasi-emperors who had broken through to the Great Emperor Realm with their own battle formations.

This was something that he thought was absolutely impossible. It was a huge leap.

Then there was Yu Tianxing’s extremely abnormal and powerful strength.

She had defeated so many quasi-emperors by herself.

She had even used her own battles to return to the Great Emperor Realm.

Based on her previous performance, she had an even more powerful master who was also an Emperor.

Jiayu felt that he was insignificant.

“Too modest, too modest.” Sect Leader Ding hurriedly returned politely.

If quasi-emperors were insignificant, then what was he, as an Entry Saint Realm cultivator?

“These two are the representatives of the Luo Mountain World, fairies Lian Shuxue and Huang Xia Han.”

Before entering, Qing Cang had already introduced the guests inside, giving Sect Leader Ding some confidence.

When he first heard the title of “World Overlord”, Sect Leader Ding was shocked.

What kind of ability did he have to call himself the world overlord.

Therefore, he was very respectful towards the two female cultivators and did not neglect them.

“This is fai

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