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Chapter 189: The Situation in the Demon Emperor World

After returning to his small town with Ah Hu, Ye Changge stayed in a small inn.

There was only one inn in the entire town, so there was no other choice.

According to Ah Hu’s descriptions, Ye Changge had a rough understanding of this world.

This place was practically the world of the demon cultivators.

It was not that there were no other cultivators and living creatures, but the rest only accounted for one-hundredth of a billion of this world.

This also led to the fact that this world was almost ruled by the demon race.

Ah Hu had also thought that Ye Changge was a top-tier great demon.

Regarding this, he did not have any excuses.

After all, with his steady character, it was beneficial to rely on hiding among the demons to gather intelligence.

The reason why this world was called the Demon Emperor World was because their ruler was a demon cultivator who called himself the Demon Emperor.

Ye Changge understood that this was probably the same kind of existence as the sector lord of the Luo Mountain World.

A sector lord of a large world should at least be a god.

After understanding the upper limit of this world’s strength, Ye Changge heaved a sigh of relief.

Although this world might not only have one god, he could be sure that his strength was also reaching the level of a god.

His Heavenly Mortal World was a special existence. He himself had nurtured the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar, a strange object of heaven and earth.

According to the information he had obtained previously, such a world had the potential to grow into a top-tier great world.

After settling down, Ye Changge began to plan his next course of action.

According to Ah Hu, under the Demon Emperor, the entire world was ruled by four demon manors.

They were all subordinates of the Demon Emperor.

Although this structure was unified, it was very similar to the Heavenly Mortal World in terms of distribution.

They were all the strongest forces that stayed in the central region, and the other four sides were each divided into a region each.

The Demon Emperor World was connected to the outside world, but they definitely did not know where the Heavenly Mortal World was.

After all, the Heavenly Mortal World now had only just come into contact with the other worlds in the universe.

However, the Mountain Martial World, the Luo Mountain World, the Great Xia World, and other worlds should all have contact with the outside world.

Ye Changge planned to first establish contact with the powers of these worlds.

Or he could first go to these worlds and find out the exact location of the Heavenly Mortal World in the universe.

During this journey, he could just sign-in everywhere and obtain rewards that he had never received before.

Thinking of this, Ye Changge was looking forward to the journey that awaited him.

“Since the strength of the t

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