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Chapter 194: The Enemy

Because of the restrictions, the upper limit of the Wang clan’s cultivation method was still in place.

This kind of cultivation method was difficult to catch Ye Changge’s eye, but it was enough for the Wang clan to use.

He did not avoid it and told Wang Bing all the advantages and disadvantages of this new cultivation method.

Wang Bing shook his head. “My Wang clan is not a big clan. If we have a top-grade cultivation method, not only will it not bring me prosperity, but it will also bring us a disaster.”

“Sir, the Wang family cultivation technique that you have modified is already the best and most suitable cultivation technique for us.”

Ye Changge looked at this guy in a different light.

To be able to persist for so long in the current battle and testing of each other in the Demon Emperor World, meant that he was indeed not an ordinary person.

“It’s good that you think like this, very good. You have a general understanding of the situation.”

After appraising him, Ye Changge wanted to think about another problem.

He took out the list of materials that were useful for his body’s recovery and showed them to Wang Bing.

“These things are useful to me. Where can I buy them?”

If he could have more of these materials, his strength would definitely recover faster.

Wang Bing carefully looked at the list and his expression became troubled.

“These materials are very difficult to obtain. The ones that were given to you previously are already in our inventory.”

“However, these kinds of materials are very difficult to buy on the market. If anyone has them, they will keep them carefully.”

Ye Changge frowned. He asked, “Isn’t there a market for high-grade materials?”

He had a lot of valuable things on hand.

Whether it was the things he had obtained over the years or the materials he had gotten when he signed-in, they could all be used to buy materials.

Wang Bing thought for a moment. “We don’t have such a market here. I heard that in Demon Consort City, there is the largest market in the entire eastern region. We can go there and take a look.”

Ye Changge began to think about his next move.

At this moment, the ground shook.

He raised his head and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Wei Wushuang looked at the city in front of him very seriously with an expressionless face.

He did not have any weapons, and there was an iron demon rhinoceros with him.

That mount roared, and its hard shell glowed with a metallic luster. Its four limbs were strong and powerful, and it looked very imposing.

“This is Star Cluster City?” He asked lightly.


His subordinates answered.

The guards around Wei Wushuang were all brave and valiant, their expressions indifferent.

This group of soldiers sat steadily on their mounts, unmoving like a mountain. At a glance, one could tell that they were elites who had been throug

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