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Chapter 169: Breakthrough, Emperor Realm

Yu Tianxing’s heart was burning with the heat of the battle.

She felt as if she was slowly re-learning everything she had learned before.

The purple phoenix in the sky was dissipating and reassembling as it fought against the Five-colored Divine Dragon again and again.

Only she knew that the place where the purple phoenix disappeared had residual energy.

That was one of the secret techniques of the Heavenly Mystic Origin Technique.

The strange residual energy could turn into seeds and form a large array.

When the time was right and the energy was sufficient, all the purple phoenix seeds could turn into a new purple phoenix.

She had been dodging all this while, waiting for the number of purple phoenix seeds to be sufficient.

At the last moment, she used the energy that spread throughout the universe to complete a breakthrough.

“You guys are very strong, but you are still not strong enough. You still need to be a little bit stronger.”

Yu Tianxing’s faint voice sounded, and all the spectators were stunned.

They did not expect that Yu Tianxing, who had been running away, would turn around and mock those quasi-emperors.

“You don’t know your place! You can only keep running away. Where did you get the gall to say such arrogant words?!”

Hearing her words, Wei Tian and the others could not contain their anger.

As a cultivation technique that far surpassed the Emperor scripture, the Heavenly Mystic Origin Technique had many kinds of abilities and was mysterious and unpredictable.

When the temperature of the purple phoenix rose, not only did it affect the strength of these people, but it also affected their minds.

Except for Chong Xin, who was a curse-type powerhouse, who vaguely sensed that something was strange, the rest of the people were affected.

As expected, Wei Tian and the others increased the circulation of their power once again.

The cultivation method continued to circulate through their meridians one after another, and surging spiritual power was rapidly released.

It even caused them to feel a little pain.

Even if they were not quasi-emperors who cultivated their bodies, the strength and toughness of their bodies could not be underestimated.

To be able to make them feel pain in their meridians, it meant the circulation of his power had already reached a limit.

The Five-colored Divine Dragon’s image became more and more concrete. The scales on his body became more and more shiny. His dragon teeth were tough, and his dragon claws were sharp.

Every time he accidentally brushed past the World Barrier, it would cause a large amount of ripples.

Everyone understood that the forty-nine great formation had been activated to its full power.

The people of the Heavenly Mortal World also began to feel a little worried.

“Whose cultivator is this? Which sect is she from? Why is she fighting the enemy alone?”

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