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Chapter 177: The Hidden Edge Sect’s Disciple-accepting Ceremony

The Hidden Edge Sect now was different from the past.

The previous disciple-accepting ceremonies were simple and crude, but now the Hidden Edge Sect’s disciple-accepting ceremonies were much more complicated.

According to the different inheritances, the current Hidden Edge Sect was not only recruiting disciples with cultivation talent.

If the people who came to acknowledge a master had other talents, they could still enter the sect after the assessment.

This was good for Li Tianci and Wu Yunfei.

They were not born with great strength like Zhao Hang.

Luckily, they each had their own strengths and could use them to join the Hidden Edge Sect.

“We have some problems to solve now. For example, how can we become the Hidden Edge Emperor’s disciple?”

Wu Yunfei was a bit worried.

After all, the Hidden Edge Emperor did not say that he would take a disciple during this disciple recruitment ceremony.

“Even if the Emperor is willing to take in a disciple, there are three of us.”

“That’s good too. With the Emperor’s status as a disciple, the others will definitely be treated well.”

“The biggest thing we should be afraid of right now is that the Emperor won’t accept anyone.”

The three of them spoke one after another, and they seemed to be a little worried.

“There’s no other way. I’ll try my best to take first place in the Dao of formations. Zhao Hang, you’re strong, so you can directly compete.”

Wu Yunfei looked at Li Tianci a little worried, “I just don’t know what Tianci will do about you.”

“I’ve already come here, and I don’t have much time left. No matter what, I have to give it my all. I’ll demonstrate the Dao of divination!”

Hearing Li Tianci’s words, the expressions of the other two people changed.

What Li Tianci meant was that he was going to use his divine ability again.

“Tianci, think twice! We can think of other ways.”

“I’ve made up my mind. I’ll give it a try no matter what. Otherwise, how can I reach my goals?”

The two looked at Li Tianci’s red and white hair and the determination in his eyes and stopped trying to persuade him.

“If we can become Emperor’s disciples, we have to think of a way to help Li Tianci.”

Zhao Hang used his mind to speak to Wu Yunfei.

“Brother Zhao, don’t worry. The three of us are in the same boat. I won’t forget you.”

Just as they were feeling this way, the three of them started to participate in the disciple recruitment ceremony of the Hidden Edge Sect.

Ye Changge sensed something on Reclining Firewood Peak and used his spiritual senses to scan the situation of the Hidden Edge Sect.

“Ding! Scanning to SSS grade genius.”

[ Name ] : Zhao Hang

[ Age ] : 3023

[ Innate bone ] : SSS grade

[ Aptitude ] : SSS grade

[ Cultivation ] : fourth level of the rebirth realm

[ Talent ] : Sapphire Blue Body

[ Faction ] : Myriad Flowers W

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