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Chapter 172: The World Congratulates Sect Leader Ding on His Breakthrough

During this period of time, the biggest event in the entire Heavenly Mortal World was Yu Tianxing becoming the Heavenly Emperor.

Other than the sects and powers that were directly related to the Hidden Edge Sect, there were other powers that were also affected.

The Vast Sea Pavilion.

When they received the news, everyone was shocked silly.

It had been a few days since Yu Tianxing announced that she was the Heavenly Emperor.

Because there were too many people watching that battle, its gravity was truly astonishing.

Although the Vast Sea Pavilion was not a great power of the sacred lands, they were also one of the ten great sects of the eastern region, and their status was very high.

The Vast Sea Pavilion, which had its own complete intelligence network, had long since figured out the origin of their sect and Yu Tianxing.

The Vast Sea Pavilion master, Zhu Yu, was much older than before.

His cultivation had not increased for a long time, and his lifespan was about to reach the limit of his realm.

“So, the girl from the Yu family that we wanted to take in as a disciple is the reincarnation of the Heavenly Star Emperor?”

“Yes, pavilion master. Furthermore, we have also investigated and found out that the Heavenly Star Emperor is the disciple of the Hidden Edge Emperor.”

Although Zhu Yu was very certain of this news, he was still a little muddle-headed after having verified it.

“Who would have thought that it would be the Hidden Edge Emperor’s personal disciple? The origins of the tribulation cloud that suddenly appeared and injured our disciples is very clear.”

The more Zhu Yu thought about it, the more afraid he became.

“Right now, we are only a small sect in the Heavenly Mortal World. Although we are powerful in the eastern domain, we are still far from the Hidden Edge Sect.”

“In the future, there will only be two kinds of sects in the Heavenly Mortal World. The Hidden Edge Sect and the sects aside from the Hidden Edge Sect.”

He stood up and said as he walked, “We can’t delay any longer. Hurry up and prepare the gifts to celebrate the Heavenly Star Emperor’s return to the Emperor Realm.”

“Go, take out the real treasures in the treasury. We must let the Hidden Edge Sect know that we have sent the gifts.”

Although the elders beside him did not object, it could be seen that they were not too concerned about this matter.

“Elders, don’t be careless. Don’t take this matter to heart.”

Zhu Yu looked at the elders and said seriously, “Our current situation is very dangerous. Even if the Hidden Edge Sect doesn’t care, there will definitely be people who want to curry favor with the Hidden Edge Sect. These people will cause trouble for us.”

Hearing this, some of the elders who reacted quickly understood what he meant.

“Do you mean that there will be people who hope to curry favor with the H

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