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Ye Changge opened his eyes.

He found himself in a new world.

There was abundant spiritual energy here, and he could use all his immortal spells.

But different from the Heavenly Mortal World, there seemed to be other strange energies in the air.

Frowning, Ye Changge did not have any other ways to understand this world.

“System, sign-in.”

“Ding! Sign-in completed.”

“Congratulations, host, for obtaining the Ten Thousand Demonic God Technique.”

“Congratulations, host, for obtaining the Hundred Spiritual Senses Refining Technique.”

“Congratulations, host, for obtaining the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Star Technique.”

Hearing the system’s rewards, even Ye Changge, who was already used to the system’s unexpected rewards, was a little surprised.

The rewards this time were actually so generous.

There had never been a time where all the rewards were cultivation techniques.

Moreover, from these three cultivation techniques, he had a preliminary understanding of the power system of the place he had come to.

Demon god, divine senses, and stars.

First of all, it meant that the power system of this world had two types, divine senses and star power.

In addition, demons mainly cultivated astral power and divine senses, and they also had a cultivation technique called Demonic God Technique.

“The experts of this world can’t all be demons, right?”

With such doubts, Ye Changge first began to familiarize himself with those cultivation techniques, and at the same time, he recovered his spiritual power.

It did not matter if he did not check, but once he checked, he found that there were some problems with his body.

Some of his meridians were obviously blocked, which caused the circulation of his spiritual power to be unfavorable.

“This is a bit troublesome. I can only use fifty percent of my strength at once.”

After trying to repair his body, he found that he could not directly repair it.

“I need some things. I can’t just rely on the circulation of my cultivation method to repair it.”

Not hesitating in this place, he started to cultivate the three new cultivation methods he had obtained.

The first technique he began to cultivate was the Ten Thousand Demonic God Technique.

This technique allowed his body to transform into all sorts of monsters.

But the prerequisite was that he had to understand the structure of the monster’s body.

Ye Changge frowned.

“I don’t know anything about dissecting or studying.”

Although he knew of such a science in his previous life, he had never learned it.

In the current world, the body structures of monsters was even more bizarre. He did not know the body structure of these monsters.

After making up his mind and taking things one step at a time, Ye Changge did not think any further and directly started cultivating.

Very soon, he felt that his control over his body had further strengthened.

As a god-level po

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