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“Can’t you just give up these resources?”

Ye Changge asked.

Although there were many things here, it was difficult for Wang Bing’s family to leave.

But nothing could be compared to life.

“But the demon lord of the eastern region has already sent an order, requesting us to hand over a sufficient amount of nether iron pieces within three months.”

The city lord of Wang Bing cried out, “Otherwise, he will exterminate my entire clan.”

“I also want to hand over the resources here, but none of them are willing. They only want the resources and don’t want the territory.”

Ye Changge wore a faint smile.

He felt some sympathy for Wang Bing.

It was obvious that neither the Spirit Jade Demon Guards nor the demon lord of the eastern region really wanted the resources here.

The two did not seem to belong to the same faction.

Their current struggle was still in the early stages.

Therefore, they used Star Cluster City as a tool to probe each other.

Both were here to test each other’s limits and strength.

Therefore, no one really cared about the lives of Wang Bing and the others.

“How do you need me to help you?”

Ye Changge took the other party’s things, intending to give him a choice.

When Wang Bing heard this, he hurriedly prostrated himself on the ground. “I am willing to give my territory to you, senior. I only hope that you can protect the safety of my entire clan, senior.”

“Why would I want your territory?”

Ye Changge shook his head. He knew that what this fellow said was true.

Since he was willing to surrender his territory, it was definitely not because he was greedy for the resources here.

Now that he was really forced into a corner, under such circumstances, Ye Changge did not mind helping him.

“Alright, I’ll take over your territory.”

Ye Changge raised his head and said to Wang Bing, “As for the safety of your clansmen, you have two choices. One is to follow me, and the other is ask them not to make things difficult for you after I negotiate with them.”

“This junior’s entire clan is willing to follow you, sir!” Wang Bing said without hesitation.

He could see very clearly that he was like a piece of meat that had been thrown out, and he would definitely be eaten by others in the end.

He no longer cared about the territory’s resources, and only wanted to protect his clansmen.

What he was angry about was that the Spirit Jade Demon Guards wanted to obtain the territory’s resources, but they were not willing to protect his clansmen.

In that case, it was better to hand it over to this senior in exchange for the safety of his clansmen.

As for the two choices, they were even easier. Based on his understanding of the Spirit Jade Demon Guards, once this senior left, they would definitely take revenge.

Ye Changge was somewhat surprised by the old man’s decision, and a trace of admiration flashed in his eyes.

“Send someone to inform the east

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