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Chapter 185: Death of the Demonic God

Before Yuwen Hongfang could do anything else, the fierce demonic flames had already sealed off all of his space.

The Emperor comprehended laws, and the gods controlled space.

With such a powerful ability and his own understanding of space, only then could the gods create their own domains in future immortal cultivation.


With a loud shout, Yuwen Hongfang hoped to use the spatial law he had comprehended to freeze the endless sea of fire.

Unfortunately, the heavens did not give him what he wanted.

A large space crack appeared in the sea of fire, trying to cut and freeze the flames.

However, in a short period of time, the space cracks turned into nothingness under the attack of the waves of flames.

Although his idea was good, his ability was indeed insufficient.

The level of the monstrous demonic flames was too high, and it was not something that he could easily stop.

In addition, Yuwen Hongfang’s demonic qi attack contained too much negative energy, and it became a powerful fuel.

“Since you are the god hidden in this small world, then I don’t need to save energy to deal with the next enemy.”

He let out a hysterical roar, and the aura around his body tightened. Suddenly, it condensed rapidly.

“Come and take this move from me!”

The demonic qi in the sky quickly gathered toward Yuwen Hongfang.

The Monstrous Devil Flame lost its target and chased the demonic qi.

The black demonic qi in the sky suddenly gathered behind the Infernal God and turned into a black vaporous lotus, vivid and lifelike.

The lotus petals were like black clouds, rolling and surging.

An invisible barrier appeared around him, blocking all the demonic flames.

The demonic qi behind him surged and the surrounding demonic flames surged as well. Yuwen Hongfang’s temperament was like a ghost, it was earth-shattering.

The Infernal God’s eyes were red and his eyes were wide open. Countless veins bulged on his face, almost bursting his skin.

The air seemed to freeze and time seemed to stop at this moment.

A terrifying pressure suddenly appeared.


Another loud shout.

Above Yuwen Hongfang, the space distorted.

Ye Changge frowned slightly.

He could feel that something was about to appear above him.

As expected, the distortion of space became more and more serious. It suddenly turned into a huge crack.

In the crack, a huge star rushed straight towards the barrier of the Heavenly Mortal World at an extremely fast speed.

“Meteor of Destruction!”

The demonic aura that was in lotus form behind Yuwen Hongfang surged out and attached itself to the star.

The entire star shot straight towards the Heavenly Mortal World with an aura of destruction.

Below, countless mortals raised their heads and stared blankly at the falling meteor.

The World Barrier was tens of thousands of meters away from the ground, but the

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